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  1. So, after talking with Staties and local PD, yes I did have to do the whole thing all over again (bummer), but thanks to you guys, I did ask them to look up my number in the computer and they were able to give me that. That was the most important part of the puzzle for immediate issues. Now I can wait for the card and it doesn't interfere with everything I have to do. Thanks again for all the great feedback, and look forward to chatting in the future. Woody
  2. Yes I thought about that, but unfortunately we lost all documentation completely, and we're are only learning the extent of it as we need stuff......
  3. Thanks everyone for the welcome and thanks for the information. I've got my work cut out for me for tomorrow. And Barms, we came home early from our only vacation between floods to prep the house for the flood, but as you know, this time it went higher then anyone ever anticipated. All our efforts of moving everything up were all for nothing. Now, 4 floods later over 4 years, we're 12 ft in the air, and if we flood now, Newark will have to be under water...........
  4. Greetings to everyone from NNJ, I'm new to this forum. Glad to see a forum where someone can come for a gun related question. I am a flood victem and have lost my firearms ID card. I read on the NJ state police web site that I can go there and get a duplicate card, but then when speaking to my local town PD, they state that I have to go through them and go through the whole process again (3 month process with fees) in order to get a duplicate card. I called the state police and they aren't sure which is correct. I'm going to go there tomorrow (state police barracks in Totowa) and find out. Does anyone have any knowledge on this, which is correct? Also, is there a place online that I can look up my firearms ID number just to get the number? We've run out of money because of having to lift the house because of numerous floods, and have to sell off some firearms in order to pay for a couple of bills. Any info would be helpful, Thanks, Woody
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