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  1. Quick question... What is the time limit? Is each yardage timed, or is the whole shooting event timed? And how long for each? Does this count reloading? Or should you bring 5 mags? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I did state that, and that was my thoughts exactly as I was thinking about this after speaking to them. It's a shame we have to somewhat tip toe through this, but we're not sure who's the ones who are going to be approving our stuff...
  3. When I spoke to my police desk they were discouraging me in a round about way, "you know it's an indepth process needing a great dal of work in order to get approved". Other's have stated that if they do deny you, then you have to check yes to "have you ever been denied before" and that's what they're concerned about. I'm more concerned about all the stuff they're going to try and come up with down the line that's going to make this all but impossible to accomplish
  4. That would make too much sense so I'm guessing no just because it's going to be Jersey (they don't make anything simple). Everyone I'm talking to is stating the particular gun upon registration is the "only" one allowed. That's kinda the crux of my question as well. The difference between a Sig 38 and a Glock 38 are indecipherable
  5. Well, that certainly wouldn't be the case. At the point that I would need to do a "change", I would have already purchased, been registered, and would certainly have sighted in\practiced with my new pistol before even wanting to carry it. My question is, and I think you answered it, is that I just would have to get "re-qualified" with the new firearm. It doesn't sound like I would have to go through the whole initial application process again. Unless this is too new for anyone to tell yet...
  6. Is there just a "change form" to be completed or do you have to re-do the whole carry permit process? The pistol I would rather carry I have just put an application is for a permit to buy. It won't be here before I apply for the carry permit. I will be using one of my other ones temporarily (and to qualify). How do you think this will affect things? Thanks
  7. I doubt it will be every week, but I would like to do it once a month. Not only is it enjoyable, but I also think it's necessary to be proficient both in hunting and more. I have a lot of homework ahead of me...
  8. I did investigation today and didn't realize Shongum was in northern NJ, I thought Mansfield was in southern NJ. This might be an option.....
  9. Yes, it seems a strong argument between Cherry Ridge and Guns for Hire. Reloaderz is just very "convenient". I'm going to, as was suggested here, try them all out and then make a decision. I'm hoping I can do a visitor trial at each... Out of all the reviews I read on line, Guns for Hire seem the most personable and Cherry Ridge seems the most variation
  10. Reloaderz is two minutes from me (practically around the corner), just heard it was a little more expensive than others. I actually had one of my last guns shipped there.
  11. Thanks, will check it out tomorrow, have a good night Yeah Phillipsburg is quite a drive for me, but appreciate the info. And yes I just found out that some of the WMA sites do allow the rifle. Unfortunately the ones that do are a distance from me vs. the nearer ones
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