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  1. BUMP - Final Price Drop before I trade it in/
  2. Up for sale is a UTAS UTS 15 shotgun in Black. Bought this from a friend who never fired it and for the past year, it sat in my safe, still unfired. Original Box, accessories that come new in box and booklets included Im located in Bergen County and can meet at an FFL of your choice within a reasonable distance. All transfer fees paid by buyer. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. DM me if you want additional photos First to post "I'll take it" gets it. IMG_4901.jp2 IMG_4902.jp2
  3. Have pics but can't upload. Please DM me and I'll either email or text them to you.
  4. Looking to preferably trade my Savage Stealth Model 10 in 6.5 Creedmoor but will also sell. This rifle has never been fired and is brand new with upgrades. I have over $2700 into the rifle which does not include the ammo. Some of the upgrades include: - Added muzzle brake - Added adjustable Stock - Added Stainless Bolt - Harris Bipod - Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50 SFP with Mil Dot Reticle. AADMOUNT 1 piece 20 MOA build in with Vortex Level. This has the Zero Stop - I will include original stock, original bolt, all booklets and 100 rounds of ammo First person to say I'll take it for $1850.00 gets it oR Let me know what you have to trade and we can talk All paperwork needs to match and we can do transfer, at buyers expense, at my FFL or yours as long as it is within 50 miles of me.
  5. My address change took 14 weeks. My old PD sent my file the same day since I was able to call my buddy in the department (Only a department of 11) and request that he handle it. Was told by new PD that address change was just like getting a new FID and all the background / fingerprints / references needed to be redone....... Nightmare!
  6. Thanks, on my way to Home Depot to buy epoxy! I wish I would have just ordered the C Products 10 rd mags for my FN FS2000, but now I am stuck......
  7. I've purchased a few times this year and my FFL always calls in the NICS, communicates the info and gets approval right there. I think the delay in faxing NICS is simply because no one is checking the fax machine on the other end.......
  8. So, if I put magblocks in my 30 rd mags, unless I weld the bottom closed so I cannot reverse it, I am not compliant with NJ Law????
  9. Agreed. At GFH it is a one stop shop. Utah got me CT, NH, Maine, VA then i went back took the additional NRA class and got Florida. Anthony and the GFH staff were fantastic.
  10. This is nuts! What happened to the notion that a PD had 30 days to issue permits???
  11. Has anyone been told by their PD that fingerprints, at the NJSP are now taking 6 to 8 weeks???? Have had several permits issues by other PD's and never heard this excuse.....
  12. Definitely buy Evan's book, it's a must have. And, keep Evan's card handy.
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