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  1. ruger9


    Thanks for all that Vlad. Will begin looking into it.
  2. ruger9


    GARDENING: Great subject!! I too have wanted to start gardening. Can anyone recommend a good "garneding for dummies" book for those of us who have never done it before?
  3. ruger9


    Which is why a water FILTER... like the kind campers use.... is even more beneficial than storing water. Takes up alot less space too. You could filter water out of a pond, stream, river, or mud puddle. Sure, it's a little work and takes a little time, but when water runs out, at least you'll still have the CAPABILITY to make more.
  4. ruger9


    As far as food in your house goes, there's no point in having a year's worth of food, unless you have a year's worth of ammo and people on watch around the clock to defend it (and someplace to dump the bodies). The way I see it, food storage is more for power outages... if you bug out, you ain't takin' much food with you. If you have a bug out house in the mountains stocked with food, that would be different. For me, all this "prepping" stuff comes down to 2 categories: 1) the more realistic one: natural disaster/power outage... food, ammo, gas, etc. Short time frame. A couple of weeks, MAYBE a month. Most people don't have 55-gallon drums of gas. 2) serious STHF, whatever that might be: (EMP strike, nuke in NYC/radiation, etc) in which case you'd probably be packing up and leaving anyway. Simply going away from the people, with only your most vital possessions. If things are THAT bad, I'm not gonna' worry about defending freeze-dried food or my house. I'm gone. To wherever the people are FAR LESS in population than they are here, and with more people of my own kind, like my extended family. Besides- a power outage is a great opportunity to lose some that excess weight... lol
  5. I've been looking for a good collapsible water bladder... If you don't have gas or propane to cook with (which can be used even w/o power), go to a camping store and buy a little propane/butane camp stove and several canisters. At least you can boil water to make dehydrated food (also available at camp stores, but even the supermarket carries some of this now, like soup pouches "just add water"). While you're at it, for "serious" prepping (where water supply could be contaminated), pick up a hand pump water filter and a few extra filter elements for it. I used to backpack quite a bit, so when all this "prepping" stuff started, I already had quite a bit of what I needed, and already knew quite a bit of what people were teaching.
  6. And for the record, I'm not disagreeing with anyone here... I own a Mini-30 Tactical. And since owning it, I have had several gun store people/FFLs/shooting instructors (instructor was at RTSP) tell me "be careful- you can't have that flash hider in NJ". I guess they are all ignorant of the actual written law. This "letter from trenton" I'm discussing is just from memory, I've searched and googled, but I can't find it. I guess it doesn't matter if the law is the law, but it would explain why so many people apparently think flash-hiders are illegal in and of themselves.
  7. That's correct- it's NOT in the written law; it was in a letter from NJ's... attorney general? idk, whoever it is in Trenton who is the head of this stuff..... he wrote a letter, and that letter, or portions of it, were posted here. I wish I knew who posted it. The LETTER was telling whoever asked that "no- flash suppressors are not allowed in any circumstance". I'm sorry I can't be more helpful...
  8. That all sounds perfectly sensible... but you forget we are in PRNJ.
  9. Anyone live in Mansfield Twp, Warren County, tell me if there is a local "no discharge" ordinance, that would cover archery? Just wondering if it's legal to do it in my backyard (target). And by the off-chance it IS legal, is there a restriction (such as 150ft from a dwelling, etc).? I can't call the police dept now, but I will tomorrow... just wondering if anyone here knew?
  10. PM9 is solid, but damn that slide is tough to rack. My sister CAN'T rack hers. So what good is it to her? (she has since gotten a P238 which she, and I, L-O-V-E)
  11. They did. And they haven't admitted it. The original pull on the LCP was WORSE than the LC9.
  12. Guys, I'm not disagreeing with any of you- that is indeed what the LAW ITSELF states. But I remember a thread about this very subject on this foum, I wish I would have bookmarked it, where someone actually posted the letter written by some head honcho in Trenton stating that flash suppressors are expressly forbidden in NJ. Regardless if they are the only "evil feature". I wish someone who remembers this thread would chime in with more info... It's one of those "you are right by the law, but do you want to end up in court over it?" scenarios. Guilty until proven innocent in today's anti-gun police state.
  13. The LC9 grip is a little thin for me, so I put a Pachmayr grip sleeve on it and it fits my hand much better now. My trigger reduces trigger pull distance by about 35%; Gallloway will also be releasing a 50% reduction trigger bar, which I will also buy and try... altho the 35% makes a WORLD of difference already over the crappy stock trigger.
  14. I have a Mini-30 Tac, asked the same question, and was told opposing answers. Most people on the forum say it's legal (in their opinion), a few said "no flash suppressors allowed in NJ"... My NJ FFL had no problem transferring the rifle to me. An RTSP employee told me to "be careful with that- no flash suppressors allowed in NJ" (this seems to be the consensus of shooters who don't actually KNOW for sure). Another NJ FFL told me "you can't have that in NJ because of the FS", when I asked how he knows that, he replied "a trooper buddy told me". From everything I've read over the years, the "flash suppressor is always illegal" is NOT part of written NJ law, but apparently in a letter the "head jerk" in Trenton, whoever is the "boss" of firearms law, wrote in a letter to someone that flash suppressors are always illegal, even if they are the only evil feature. However, this was the interpretation of the law by the "head jerk", as it is NOT written in the law that way. I no longer care. I can read what the actual law says. I'm keeping my Mini-30 Tac.
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