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  1. If he's building it in IL it's fine the way it is, AFAIK they don't have an AWB.
  2. Rainier Arms posted on their Facebook page, they're having a black rifle sale starting 11/22 and ending on Cyber Monday.
  3. That's true, I retract my previous statement.
  4. We just got word about it, my unit is based in the depot right across the street from there. Seems like these things are happening more and more frequently.
  5. This. There's an infinite amount of ways to make IEDs, this is not a new threat and is just fearmongering.
  6. Similar thing happened to me yesterday at a different store, my FFL called and right after NICS billed him, they hung up on him. He had to call and get billed again, and it was still about a 20 minute wait before we could get approved. Hopefully he can get his money back from the first call. Still, 20 mins is better than when it was 2 weeks a little while ago
  7. Here's my AR, a Rainier Arms RUC 14.5. Please excuse my bad photography skills. On the rifle is a Leupold Mark AR 3-9x and my mil-issue grip pod that they never asked for back =D
  8. Just got back from training at Fort Dix, our snipers and FOs were practicing spotting for arty/ 81mm mortars while the rest of us were doing a .50 cal shoot.
  9. No veteran status yet, but USMC Infantry 2009-present, in a weapons company. M16A4, M4, Mk153 SMAW, AT-4, M72 LAW, FGM-148 Javelin, M249, M240B, M2, Mk19.
  10. I've been questioned a few times at R14 regarding my 15/30 PMags and the pinned stock on my AR. I just tell them that they're pinned, and ask if they would like to inspect them to make sure. So far none of the RO's have bothered to actually check.
  11. I'm with 2/25 Marines all the way up in Long Island. Drill was cancelled for the entire battalion, it's not worth it ORM-wise when a lot of us have to drive 2 hours+ to get there.
  12. Damn, that sucks =(. They cancelled this weekend's drill for my unit due to the storm.
  13. As a member of a reserve (I know, it's not the same as active duty, but still) infantry unit up in New York, and having worked with guys from many active duty units, I'm confident enough to say that a vast majority of the US military would not be willing to fire on US citizens, so long as they're not fired upon first. Many of our servicemembers, especially those in the combat arms, own personal firearms themselves, and are just as concerned about their 2A rights as you are. The members of my unit, many of them NYPD in their civilian jobs, are furious with the new gun control laws passed in NY, and a good amount of them are refusing to register their firearms or enforce the law when it becomes active. Personally, I'm not too worried about the military getting involved in any confiscation scheme, and even if we were ordered to, you can bet that we'd half-a** it. Just my 2 cents.
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