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  1. I’d be assisting. I’ll just get the license and avoid the prison sentence.
  2. Even though I won't be fishing.
  3. Would I need a fishing license to take my granddaughter, 5 years old, fresh water fishing?
  4. Guess he doesn't care about his license, if he has one.
  5. I'm thinking other than moving it you'd have to put a drop ceiling around it.
  6. Maybe I'm not understanding but if you were happy with the guy that did your house, why didn't you call him?
  7. NEW N-FAB NERF DROP STEP RUNNING BOARDS FOR 2015-21 F150 SUPER CAB 6' BED. MODEL NDF 1597-6 These are heavy duty wheel to wheel length with third step for bed access. Got them for as a gift, put them on and didn't like them. Took them off before I even moved the truck. NFAB also make a cheaper set. These are the ones with the fully enclosed steps not the cheaper ones with open steps. Can't seem to upload a picture so if interested I can email or text a pic. They're in Whiting. $195
  8. I have the I-Target. you can get different caliber pistol cartridges as well as .223.
  9. I've been saying that for awhile.
  10. agree. been there done that.
  11. Great, thanks for the replies. Photo is a good idea.
  12. What paperwork, if any, is required when traveling legally in NJ. Say going from home to range. FID card, copy of permit to purchase, certificate of eligibility?
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