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  1. to watch "The Walking Dead"
  2. Its not about changing their (the left) minds, its about preventing them from growing their numbers by pointing out simple minded, racists gun owners
  3. If you hear reports of a tornado in south jersey next week dont be alarmed, its just the dust cloud I'm leaving behind in my wake as I head out My trailer is getting over loaded so anyone interested in some furniture, washer/dryer, fridg., tools, big shop vac, other stuff, just shoot me a PM and we can work something out
  4. it bothers me that no one is following up and catching these SoB's and tossing them in jail for the rest of their lives.
  5. Saw this on FOX this morning but link is from another site https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/08/10/62-year-old-trump-supporter-beaten-with-crowbar-for-wearing-trump-t-shirt-media-makes-headline-about-t-shirt/comment-page-1/ A 62 year old guy in a freindly's parking lot, beaten with a crow bar for wearing a Trump shirt
  6. not exactly true. Removing the grip will leave you with an exposed trigger and nothing to grip. You need to purchase the pistol grip if thats what you want
  7. I'd like to see that in writing
  8. easy fix for dirty .22 ammo Dump it in a towel and roll around to remove the excess crap then give a quick shot of lube (I like frog lube mixed with IPA at 1 part FL to 3-5 parts IPA) and you will be good to go for clean shooting. You could probably skip the lubing part but I like everything slick so I do it.
  9. pistol grip (debatable) and removable magazine
  10. which reticle did you get? I like the triangle
  11. I dont understand, is this law now or going to be law soon or up for debate?
  12. For whatever reason the Constitution and Bill of Rights do not apply to Americans when they are on the water
  13. read the fine print, they're selling bottle NJ air
  14. Stick it in a box and mail it to wherever you are going, avoid the airlines all together
  15. wrong, NJ people go out of their way to find things wrong with others and go out of their way to treat others poorly and they're always on defense because they believe everyone is out to take something from them Granted there are jerks everywhere but the highest concentration is in the NE and specifically NJ
  16. I've lived all over this country (not just visited or passed through) and there are jerks all over but they are concentrated in the north eastern states with NJ struggling to take and hold the title of biggest a-holes LOL, I answered your question honestly and now you call me names...
  17. nope, just you... Anyone so concerned about what somebody else thinks, and then turn those thoughts into being right or wrong, has a problem
  18. I just hate east coast people, 9 out of 10 are a-holes regardless of skin color or national orgin
  19. I was wrong (old eyes, ugh), its 18k, how does that change the value?
  20. 14 karat and about 6 grams
  21. well crap, that sucks!!! But its better than nothing and will fill my tank a few times, so I will be selling it to someone. So who can I trust in the atlantic county area??
  22. what is scrap gold going for?
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