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  1. I actually read about this last year. If I remember correctly it's just processed chicken like nuggets and patties right? Not that it's any better mind you, I'm just recalling what I read.
  2. A pocket gun isn't meant to be fired at distance. I'd say 2 to 4 yards max. Maybe 5 yards but now you're pushing what it's role is. I have a bodyguard and I tested both it and the lcp with live ammo before buying. I hated the lcp personally. I think the bg is a great gun for a pocket gun. Any pocket gun is going to recoil sharply. 380 especially. You have a very short distance in which the slide moves backwards. The recoil has to go somewhere.
  3. My issue with most of the harmony remotes I've had is the contour of the bottom. It's rounded off and bigger towards the bottom, it loves to slide off an armrest. I had an older harmony that was an Xbox version and it had a more flat bottom. It stayed put. That's really my only complaint.
  4. Are you white? ------ no Are you any other color ----- yes If you are white then shut up and get back to being uncool in today's culture. You are the enemy of equality and fairness. You deserve anything bad that happens to you due to your white privilege. Even if your family was dirt poor since they came here. Get back to work, we have mouths to feed off of your white privileged paycheck. We don't care if you are living paycheck to paycheck. You owe us.
  5. They would take it to court and then win. Outcome would be that ex military would be exempt. Rest of us can go scratch.
  6. Gotta agree here. Just bought a house and it seems everything had been purchased in the past 10 years so my utilities aren't that rough at all. After I get settled and figure out a master plan I'm going to get myself set up with some high efficiency systems.
  7. http://www.nj.com/south/index.ssf/2014/11/nj_bill_to_require_security_camera_registration.html That's the link where I read it.
  8. I read this the other day. They really are introducing a bill that all private camera systems will have to be registered with the police.
  9. So would you be against getting the magazineblocks.com locking plate with limiter and assembling them in PA, and throwing away the original locking plate?
  10. If you break the insert then you break the law by modifying a magazine to hold 30 rounds
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