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  1. Hey All, Looking for a 1903 Springfield, NOT Sporterized... looking for a range gun not a show piece, so please just working rifles, please direct message me with price and pics, thanks!
  2. Hey all, I'm 4 for 4 with getting some great stuff, so thought I'd try my luck again got $500 back from my tax refund and looking to add to the collection, looking for any of the following, also not looking for store price looking for a used range style or if anyone can make a deal happen... -AK Style - 7.62... -PTR- 7.62... -Storm - 9mm... -Over/Under - 12ga Kel/Tec - 12ga And really anything fun, let me know what you have, pics, and prices, I'm located in Brick and work at Ft. Dix, thanks as always!
  4. Looking for a stock M4 style AR, Jersey legal of course, have a M16 style already so please no thanks to those, please no fixed sights and no perm parts, under $700 please send what you have, pics, and prices, I'm located in Central NJ down to FT. Dix so I can come to you. Thanks BOUGHT - NO LONGER SEARCHING
  5. BUMP - Still looking
  6. For the WASR- https://www.slickguns.com/product/century-arms-international-romanian-wasr-10-ak-47-style-rifle-762x39-wood-stock-579 Regular AK - Style - https://www.slickguns.com/product/inter-ordnance-ak-47-akm247-762x39-47499 Dealt with a few online, check slickguns they post some crazy deals, the transfer fees is what kills a lot of the deals, and when buying state you need it Jersey legal, it's a pin for the flash-hider and the file for bayonet lug but most places are very considerate when you tell them you in NJ, and always worth taking a look on here as a lot people have the Gun Safe Gun that never gets to come out and play
  7. Hey Everyone! Trying again as I finally have the funds again, I'm looking for an AK Style rifle, around the $400-500 range, not looking for anything too crazy just a range rifle, let me know what you have, what you want for it, and what it comes with, I know I can just get a new one at $550 if I do a transfer but normally people on here offer better! In any case let me know, 7.62, 47/74 doesn't matter just wanted an AK style for a while and please no SKSs, thanks!
  8. Pm responded please keep offers coming one left
  9. Thanks anyway blue line that's going to put me way over where I want to be thanks anyway.please keep the coming people
  10. Bump Got 1 more to go! Please send the guns! 500$ price range 9MM Pref, thanks!
  11. Hey bulleyez, thanks for the offer looking more in the $500 range, thanks
  12. Pm sent and still looking everyone so bump it! 9mm pref. But still open to what everyone has, thanks again everyone
  13. hey blueline, sorry can't do the subcompacts, thanks anyway! V/R, Dan
  14. Hey Everyone, So the 2 people I came to agreements with both fell through, so keep the pistols coming, please understand I'm not looking for a brand new retail pistol; I'm looking for a cheap range gun, preferably in 9mm, need a new 92 so if anyone has got one that takes priority, please let me know, and thanks as always! V/R, Dan
  15. Yea that's the problem with PA gun shows, before you know it, there's 100$ more on top of the "deal" you got putting it to average lol, Thanks DJG