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  1. 17 calendar days. 4/27 -> 5/14 @ Caso's (2 weekends)
  2. Thanks everyone for all the comments. After doing a bit of research it looks like this... NO. Just no. -------------------- Details: Traveling through NY is generally acceptable as long as you dont stop and your origin and destination allows your legal possesion. I would be allowed to bring my handgun to CT if I had a non-resident CT permit. Requires NRA Cert courses - can apply directly to state police. They would be allowed to bring handguns to NJ if they had non-resident NJ permits. ...you guys know the drill here. Hope that helps anyone in the future. *Disclaimer: Not a lawyer. Info subject to change. Own risk.... etc.
  3. Loaded question. Father and brother want to go to the range this upoming Memorial weekend. They both live in CT and I'm here in NJ. Planning on going up there for the entire weekend and curious about transporting my firearms. 1) If I wanted to bring firearms with me to CT am I allowed to do so provided they are locked and unloaded in the trunk? (and left at his house when not on the way to/from the range) 2) If they want to visit me here in NJ and want to bring firearms, are they allowed to do so? 3) Is there any difference between handguns and rifles in terms of laws and transport? 4) Finally, rifles legal in CT that may not be legal in NJ - are they allowed in NJ ranges? Any help/insight with these questions would be greatly appreaciated! Thanks!
  4. Somewhat new to these forums, but I have been reading through them and reading about the absolutely ridiculous bills that they are trying to pass and it just makes me sad that I live in such a misinformed state. Thankfully I rent, but I will definitely consider buying a house outside of NJ. Glad our representatives listen to us and truly represent us. Then again, has any assembly really listened to the people in the room? They always decide their vote prior to it anyways.
  5. Long time lurker... figured I'd jump in on this thread. Bought my first handgun this past Sat. a Springfield 1911. Did a ton a research and super excited to get it. Store owner siad NCS checks are running upward of 10-14 days right now.... well, I guess if I waited this long, whats another couple weeks? T.T
  6. Morris Township. Just got the call today. I am ready to pick up my FPID/PP. Applied late Dec. (right before Christmas so ~20th). Ready 2/20. Probably would have been done sooner, but 1 of my reference letters came late and had to schedule printings / interviews on weekends. If it wasnt drawn out, it would probably have taken about 5-6 weeks instead of the 8.
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