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  1. Unfortunately I don't know what department, and she's not on speaking terms with my family.
  2. Is there a way via SN search that I can check if firearms that I am about to have shipped to me have been listed as stolen? I understand there's a site called hotgunz.com but that it's not always reliable b/c the victim reports the data into it. Would I be able to check with (NJ) State Police without the risk of implicating myself or getting myself in trouble? Long story short, they are handguns that belonged to my father before he passed, in possession with an out of state family friend currently, and I need to bring them back to NJ as legally as possible without getting myself into a legal mess. But a member of the family who has a grudge w/ my mother listed some other of my father's firearms as stolen, and I need to know if these two handguns were included in that stolen report. Thanks!!!
  3. I'm going to be in Arizona in April and hope to buy some guns and some ammo/accessories while out there. Is there a specific procedure to have them brought back here legally? Also, are there particular specifications the gun(s) have to have to meet NJ legal requirements? Def looking to get an AR while out there, many a semi-hand gun too. Thanks.
  4. Hi, NRA is having a discounted Life membership, however the new member needs to be sponsored by an existing NRA Life Member with a valid ID#. Would anyone be willing or interested to sponsor me? Feel free to PM me and I'll give you my phone number so you know I not some crazy nut or liberal troll (is there any difference??) Thanks!!! Jay
  5. Hi everyone. New gun purchaser here and new to the forum. Just got my FID and 2 handgun permits. Looking to get a few different things, and would appreciate some advice on what to get and the best places to purchase. Prefer used/not abused if possible but open to new for a good price/. 1. Handguns for home defense and general personal defense (Revolver and semi-auto) Revolver: torn between .38 special and .357. Need something for stopping power but easy to manage/handle a 2:00am Semi: Looking at Glock 19 or Sig Sauer 226 or 229, open to other recommendations. 2. Shotgun Mossberg 500 or similar with tactical grip 3. AR-15 or similar long rifle I'm in Monmouth county, if you have any nearby dealer or FFL recommendations. Also open to private deals as well if I can try it out.
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