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  1. I added in cart and it says $159.... I registered too.. Am I doing something wrong
  2. Is this sale still going on 360.
  3. Wow still expensive I remember they were 197$ last oct
  4. what about fury II with thumbhole stock? is it legal?
  5. any pics of the bent bolt? .. u willing to sell the mount? did you drill the receiver to install the mount?
  6. more pics.. beautiful saiga..
  7. oh ok..thanks... still not bad of a deal...500rd ammo cost more than that upper..
  8. really good deal for a good rifle..
  9. what the difference with this model and oleight impact?
  10. wow awesome picked up some goodies thanks
  11. hey Vinni .. why am i note getting this...(about ak mags to 14 rds...) do you cut the mag body?
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