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  1. Weber is the way to go. Register it and any problems will be handled 100% guaranteed. I have a Summit 470 and love it though I do use my Weber Performer 22-1/2" more now, has a gas ignition to light the charcoal. Got it off Craigslist for $100.00, what a great deal on a great grill. Just needed a new grate and a little cleaning.
  2. I've been smoking cigars for 25 years roughly. Usually only a couple a week, depends on the weather as I don't smoke in my house. With nicer weather coming I'll be smoking more often. I used to go to Mahogany(in winter) on walnut st. in Philadelphia above Holt's but saw the owner acting badly twice and haven't been back. That was quite a few years ago and I think Holt's now owns the cigar bar above the shop. It was a great place, could be in there all day and come out not stinking of ashes. My favorite wrapper is Cameroon, Oliva Serie G, Fuente Hemingway line to name a couple.One of my favorite cigars is a Padilla Habano, smoked more of them then anything else. Used to love the La Gloria Serie R #6 until Carrillo left the company and they changed the blend, still have a couple left in my cabinet humidor though. The biggest let down of a cigar I ever had was a Fuente Opus X A in it's own coffin, terrible burn, tight draw. Davidoff special C was another good one till they were discontinued. The first cigar I ever smoked was a Royal Jamaica churchill, very mild, good beginner cigar, no longer made however. Flavored stuff has never wowed me but did nauseate me a couple times. As for maduros, Ashton aged line, CAO MX2, Kristoff Maduro, Fuente Anejo, Famous 3000 are pretty good. Smoke what you like and lie what you smoke!
  3. I'm very happy with the shop and the cast of characters that work there and float through from time to time.
  4. They ordered it in, took about 4-5 days. Didn't have to pay a transfer fee either.
  5. Just picked up a Sig P229 Legion last week here. Good friendly guys and gal. Fair pricing. It's the LGS I've been searching for. In fact it was my fastest NICS yet, not that they had any control over it but I only waited 20-30 minutes.
  6. I was looking at a 9mm 1911 at a table, asked what the process would be since I'm from NJ, vendor flat out said he doesn't transfer to NJ. It all depends on the vendor I guess. I had my permit with me, didn't matter for that vendor. Walked up to another table and the clerk guessed I was from NJ and said he could sell me a rifle but not a handgun. I went to the show looking to get a feel for a couple guns I'm thinking of buying. Sig P229 Legion felt awesome, like it was made for my hand.
  7. There should also be a lot of military weaponry which is really cool.
  8. For a 22lr. semi-auto I recommend the Browning Buckmark, many versions available and customizable when funds allow. I have a UDX Plus Buckmark, super accurate out of the box and fun to shoot.
  9. I mostly use SGAMMO.com. Never a problem and never the highest price.
  10. I have had all my muzzle brakes pinned and welded to the barrel per NJ law. No gunsmith has ever questioned me as to why. I've had 2- 16" barrels done and 1- 18" barrel also. As far as my understanding it is the law for threaded barrels. I could be wrong but I believe that is the way it is here.
  11. Not sure but they were working on getting a price sheet together. 1 of there part time employees works at the Cerakoter also.
  12. I was in Cheyenne 2 weeks ago, store was packed, took a number at the gun counter and waited a few minutes. Some of the guns in the cabinet were hard to see the prices so I get that complaint. Forget the clerks name that helped me but he was nice and informative. Showed me a few 1911's of the brands I was looking for. S & W and Springfield. Ended up ordering a Springfield Loaded Parkerized model with Novak sights. My experience has been great so far with them. It's kind of like a mini Cabela's without the fluff. Definitely will go back.
  13. They pinned and welded a muzzle break for me on my latest build. Excellent quality work, really have to look close to see it. Nice friendly crew in that store. I'll give them a shot for my next handgun purchase. They have a connection for Cerakoting now also if anyone is curious.
  14. I would bet that after your first couple shots of .357 everybody on the line noticed you. They are really loud and awesome. My first handgun is a 686 with a 6" barrel. I bought it the night Obama got elected the first time, picked it up a few days later. I wouldn't worry about the range officer, he likes guns too and is always interested in what everybody is shooting.
  15. Yes. Benchmade is worth it. I have 2 now(Mini Griptilian and North Fork) and they are my favorite knives. The Axis lock is incredible. I have a Spyderco Manix 2 lightweight that is pretty sweet but it didn't come near as sharp as my Benchmades did. Kershaw makes some nice knives that come come wicked sharp also.
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