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  1. I realize it's not Essex county, but a drive to Walmart in PA might make sense when NJ bans mailorder...
  2. It was a shop local to me in NH so I’d rather not post it on a NJ forum. I encourage to shop your local dealer. Become a regular and deals like this will show up. Just my $.02.
  3. Thanks. You're right, I knew it was a Trooper but for some reason had Lawman on the brain. Edited...
  4. So here's another great find at the LGS. I was sitting in the store with the owner just chatting and I find one I couldn't live without - Colt Trooper Mk III from the mid '70's. Nice shape, excellent stock and no holster wear, so probably a safe queen. A small spot of rust and a filthy, but everything cleaned up nicely. Not a snake gun but I'm also not worried about shooting it. Has a nice balance to it. I just need to get used to the cylinder rotating backwards. The best part? $300 out the door...
  5. Here's the Springfield GI model. Has some finish wear on the left side, I believe from sliding around in the case, and a really nice short trigger. My plan for this one is to be the base of a custom build.
  6. Ordered my first AR this week. Not because of NZ, more because of the rhetoric being spewed by the dem candidates and my belief that will drive prices up as the election gets closer. I don't trust the Reps to fight off a Dem ban, so figured I'd get one for the safe just in case. Can always get rid of it later if nothing comes to pass, but will have it just in case. Oh yea, and some 30-round mags too.
  7. So when I moved to NH, I really thought the "pressure" to buy was off. With no P2P's to worry about I don't need to buy anything just to not have one expire. It hasn't worked out that way, but for a different reason - Used handguns in NH are cheap and NICS is free! Here are a couple of my recent buys: Sig P250 - $200. Really nice DAO trigger, smooth but long. Springfield XD - $200. Nice shooter, feels good in the hand. H&K P2000SK - $350. Like new in the box. Couldn't pass up an H&K for that price, especially with 3 mags. Springfield 1911A1 GI - $300. Like new in the case, 3 mags. Dan Wesson Valor - $1,000 new in the box. I'm not usually a fan of polymer, but for EDC both the Sig and XD are reasonable options when there is enough clothing to hide them. It pays to stop in the store every couple of days. The Sig and XD I bought as they were being traded in. The H&K was in the case and the 1911, he showed it to me and I was indifferent until he told me the price. It was one of those I couldn't say no to. The Dan Wesson was something I've been looking for but never wanted to spend the $1,500. At $1,000 it was a no-brainer. Anyway, keep the faith. There are good "used" buys out there.
  8. mustang69

    Beretta 92X

    As a diehard 92 fan, there are things about it I like and others I don't. The sights, rounded trigger guard and steel frame are interesting. I'm less enamored by the vertec grip, and I'll need to get used to the frame safety and how that might affect the trigger. Considering I just bought the LTT to add to the collection I'll wait until I can hold this one before I decide.
  9. Further demonstration of just how clairvoyant they were when they named the company. Karma's a bitch...
  10. ... and every manufacturer named should immediately refuse to do business with NJ. For the major manufactures, NJ is a drop in the bucket. But let the NJSP and locals all be forced to use non-major manufacturers and see how fast the state goes quiet again. Can you imagine the NJSP carrying no-name firearms?
  11. And NJ honors what? Not a single non-resident permit from another state.
  12. Thanks. I have the receipt from when he purchased it from the MSP for $65 and the original box. I think I also have has last qualifying paperwork after he retired for his CCW. I also have his IWB and OWB leather S&W holsters for the 38. The gun shows honest holster wear but not much mechanical wear. I suppose that's true of most LEO handguns that get used to qualify and then (hopefully) never shot again until the next qualifying session.
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