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  1. No it wasn't an FFL just a typical know it all
  2. Yeah! I was told today that my rifle a 16" barrel with a pinned and welded muzzle brake was illegal because of that notch.
  3. Has anyone ever herd of an M4 goverment profile barrel being illegal because of the notch on the barrel?
  4. Easy to work with, fast payment, very nice. Will do business with again.
  5. Better get something soon your missing out on BioShock Infinite............(amazing)
  6. There is a little life hack for those things. Now I know it sounds wierd but it works. Get a packing blanket and wrap it up and stick it in the stove in low heat for about a half hour vent side up lol. One out of many reasons to cause the red rings of death is the soddering of the processor comes undone. So what your trying to accomplish with this is to resodder, without cracking the shel of the system open. What can it hurt its broke anyway.
  7. That looks exactly like the one I was approached with. The barrel doesn't look cut but I'm not sure. Also the wood piece that rides over top of the barrel is missing.
  8. Hey guys I was approached with the opportunity to buy an Italian Carcano in 6.5 Norma. I know nothing about these guns except from what I picked up in a quick google search. The rifle is in fair condition at best, somebody had the stock engraved with a horrible looking water fowl. There is slight rust but no pitting, the bore is in good condition. It comes with 100 rounds of ammo and 1 clip. Really would like some input before I dish out the 200$ this guy is asking for it. Would this make a good project gun, or am I just looking at a money pit?
  9. Wow! Did he really undo his holster because you where being loud? What a price of shit. What guy was it?
  10. TY I wasn't sure who is and who isn't, something I really don't follow.
  11. The only thing with the big named companies like Sig Glock Colt and Remington is that they are publicly traded companies (I believe) witch means if they put a direct hinder on sales purposely the lawsuits will come flying in.
  12. But they have them if any of you guys really need one bad
  13. Yeah sorry guys really can't say anything about price didn't ask.... Usually they keep prices on the high side
  14. So Haughes....<guess I speeded that right.?.? Anyhow they have a butt load of ARs in stock. If you like to do business with these guys. They are right in West Deptford
  15. Ugh! Mods just lock this. To many Internet tuff guys here that just can't seem to have a sensible debate, without throwing in a wise ass jab. We are all suppose to be friends here but some people just want to degrade others with wise comments. Really? So much for a sound community.
  16. I'm still sticking to my guns on this though. My local shop and other places I CHOOSE to shop at didn't bring their prices up do to the fear buying. My local shop that I buy ammo from is still 7.99 a box when they have it. Wonder where he gets it from that he can AFFORD not to charge so much for it? I got the same 5.56 greenies from Palmetto last week for 80$ for 200 rounds. Wonder where they get their ammo from that they can also afford not to charge a 1$ a round? Sorry but when some places still have the prices that existed 3 months ago, and other places are making 300% mark up, it may not be price gouging, however I'm sure there is a term for it.
  17. Oh no please don't be sorry. Sorry if for someone who did something wrong. Everyone here is just voicing their concerns or opinion. I don't care if I'm proven wrong or not, we can just all be civil about it is all.
  18. @Hodgie Well let's try and keep this civil. Where in any reports do you see that due to the recent spike in demand for ammo and other elated products that the cost of manufacturing has risen? Lets also make it clear that in no way did I say to boycott. If you want to purchase that's fine with me in no way how you spend your money effects me. If it looks like a duck sounds like a duck and quack like a duck then it's a duck. Keep the forum muscles to your self.
  19. So Ammoman.com has 5.56 in stock, but even they caved into the $ gouging. 5.56 green tips 420 rounds for 399$
  20. Oh plus if any body ever want to hijack one of these gun bye backs let me know I'm in.
  21. So you like Hi-Points HHHHmMmm? (Sarcastic if you can't tell) my buddy worked for a shop in South Philly he said one time a Hi-Point came in with Glock sights super glued to the side. Lolololo lol sent me pics ill post them when I get time lolololo
  22. I would stay away from most public transportation going into Camden
  23. actually sounds like good marketing to me. Same with gas prices. Jack the hell out of the price to where people are like wow thats a lot. then lower it a little bit to where the consumer is like thats better. the price tag dropped a lot must go buy buy now. you ask me they are some nice guys that work there, but at the same time they are scumbags for the price tags they put on stuff.
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