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  1. WTS M1 GARAND CORRECTED MAY 1943 RECEIVER SA 1.5 million, no pitting BOLT 12SA "B3" heat lot STOCK SA/EMcF with crossed cannons and serif "P" BARREL SA 05-1943 TE 2.5 ME 3 GAS CYLINDER narrow base w/ worn finish FRONT SIGHT SA GAS SCREW single slot GAS LOCK beveled edge REAR SIGHT SA lockbar (round) TRIGGER HOUSING 12 HAMMER SA 5 SAFETY SA 9 PLUNGER with wings TRIGGER GUARD milled FOLLOWER SA 11 FOLLOWER ROD SA short fork OP ROD SA 6 no relief cut SLING Leather Reproduction 1944 $2500 $2250 $2000 final price drop BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL TRANSFER FEES I am in Monmouth County The first "I'LL TAKE IT" followed by a PM gets it If you have an questions send me a PM
  2. WTS USED GEN 5 GLOCK OVERWATCH PRECISION TAC TRIGGER $125 Overwatch precision tac trigger gen5 $20 Hyve technologies extended magazine release gen 4/5 I'm in Monmouth County The first "I'll take it" followed by a PM PM me for questions.
  3. SOLD NO LONGER AVAILABLE Corrected Springfield Armory M1 Garand 4.3 million serial # range $1700 SA 10-52 barrel TE - 4. ME - 2 65 series bolt 65 OP Rod 65 Trigger housing 55 hammer SA 11 Safety plunger no wings Trigger guard post war unmarked follower long fork follower rod Bullet guide stamped w/ cutout Square clip latch Elevation DRC Windage NHC High Hump gas lock Gas plug T * 1/2" DAS w/ seriff "P" Front hand guard has arsenal repair pins Some pitting on receiver below the wood line $1700 Buyer is responsible for transfer fees I am in Monmouth County The first "I'll take it" gets it PM me if you have any questions
  4. Located in Monmouth County WTS: I have the following risers and scope mounts for sale: Prices reduced and now include shipping I can do FTF @ CJR&PC, Monmouth or Mercer County. $175.00 $150 now $125 LaRue Tactical LT101 VFZ Picatinny Riser Mound QD, NEVER MOUNTED $100.00 $80 now $60 GG&G ACCUCAM QUICK DETACH STANDARD BASE USED Has some paint pen as index marks $180.00 $160 now $140 American Defense Recon High Quick Detach 34mm Scope Mount USED Has some paint pen as index marks. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale, please follow up with a PM
  5. NOW SELLING PARTS THIS PISTOL WAS NOT BUILT UP BY ATEI GUNS- I used their parts specs to put this pistol together Parts breakdown: Overwatch precision TAC blue line trigger $100 Ghost 3.5 trigger bar $15 KKM Precision Glock 19 Match 9MM Barrel with 9/16×32 Thread 4-Port Compensator (Gen 1-4) $250 Agency Arms Magwell $80 GLOCK 19 PISTOL L&M Precision (Mark Housel) slide milling / serrations / cerakote, with Ameriglo Supressor height sights $450 Trijicon RMR06 $400 IF YOU BUY PISTOL AND OPTIC TOGETHER $750 I DO NOT have 10 round magazines for this pistol Pistol was used for one competition, one RMR class and a few range sessions. Approximately 1000 rounds through pistol Buyer is responsible for transfer fees I am in Monmouth County The first "I'll take it" gets it FOR SALE GEN 4 GLOCK 19
  6. NJSP Hamilton Barracks 3 pistol permits applied for 05-24-2018 Application dropped off 07-30-2018 One reference contacted. (Trooper made comment to my reference that they are being told to not work on permits while on duty. The trooper was on a "road job" when he contacted my one reference and was working on permits assigned to him.) 09-17-2018 Contacted NJSP firearms unit. My application had not even made it across their desk yet. Apparently still in the possession of the trooper it is assigned to. 09-24-2018 Over 120 days since application submitted and CRICKETS............ UPDATE 09-26-2018 Received phone call permits were ready to be picked up. Permits were actually completed and ready on 09-13-2018.
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