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  1. FOR SALE GEN 4 GLOCK 19 Roland Special THIS PISTOL WAS NOT BUILT UP BY ATEI GUNS- I used their parts specs to put this pistol together Parts breakdown: Overwatch precision TAC blue line trigger Ghost 3.5 trigger bar Ameriglo Supressor height sights KKM Precision match barrel with compensator NP3'ed OEM Glock Safety Plunger Raven Concealment Freya Magwell L&M Precision (Mark Housel) slide milling / serrations / cerakote Trijicon RMR06 I DO NOT have 10 round magazines for this pistol Pistol was used for one competition, one RMR class and a few range sessions. Approximately 1000 rounds through pistol $1400 Buyer is responsible for transfer fees I am in Monmouth County The first "I'll take it" gets it
  2. NJSP Hamilton Barracks 3 pistol permits applied for 05-24-2018 Application dropped off 07-30-2018 One reference contacted. (Trooper made comment to my reference that they are being told to not work on permits while on duty. The trooper was on a "road job" when he contacted my one reference and was working on permits assigned to him.) 09-17-2018 Contacted NJSP firearms unit. My application had not even made it across their desk yet. Apparently still in the possession of the trooper it is assigned to. 09-24-2018 Over 120 days since application submitted and CRICKETS............ UPDATE 09-26-2018 Received phone call permits were ready to be picked up. Permits were actually completed and ready on 09-13-2018.
  3. The SA INC M1 Garands price usually depends on the mix of the parts (surplus vs SA INC). HTH
  4. Sorry was just trying to give an example. After checking about 5 airlines in regards to their ammunition policy most all use the same statement. All ammunition must be securely packed in either the original manufacturer’s packaging, a fiber (such as cardboard), wood, or metal box, or other specially designed packaging. However, some will allow ammunition to be in the magazine, while others will not.
  5. Every carrier does it a little different. Go to the carrier's (that u are flying on) website and read through their guidelines / policy for checking in an unloaded firearm and how they want ammunition packed (factory original box vs hard plastic box). It is also a good idea to print out their policy and have it with you when you are checking in your unloaded firearm. This is the case i used to travel with the locks i used. When you land your baggage might be on the turnstile with everyone else's, or a customer service representative might come out with your bag and request photo ID before turning the baggage over to you. Every airport and carrier does things slightly different.
  6. I have a 1911 built on a Caspian frame and slide, and the rest of the pistol is a mix of different manufacturers. Caspian will fit the Slide to the frame, but that is as far as they go (they do not build pistols). Caspian is a great company and is very easy to deal with. I sent the frame / slide and rest of the parts to Defensive Creations and he built the pistol for me. Dave does great work, he was honest and accurate with the time frame for when to send the parts to him, to when the pistol was completed. With that being said, you could dump a whole lot of money buying the best parts to build a 1911, but it all comes down to the smith who fits the parts and finishes the gun. You're either gonna have a pistol that runs like a top, or a $2000 paperweight.
  7. I didn't know the Judicial system works on commission?
  8. When someone is "scored" to see if they are going to be held sent to County (placed on a complaint warrant) or released (placed on a complaint summons) they are scored by their previous criminal history and failures to appear for court matters. The system only looks at their New Jersey Criminal History, and does not look nation wide. So hypothetically you could have a repeat violent felon who committed violent crimes in multiple other states. This same person now committed another serious crime in New Jersey. Since that person had zero history in New Jersey for violent crimes and failure to appears, they will be placed on a summons and released.
  9. Its what is "viewed" on camera after the fact by the brass or public later on. So her is a hypothetical situation for you: You are sent to a residence for a barking dog complaint. While speaking with the dog owner, you observe on the coffee table a multicolored glass pipe with a partially burnt greenish / brown vegetative substance in it. The person you are speaking with is being polite, calm, respectful and has has zero interactions with police prior to today. The resident had also lived in your town for years and police have never been to this residence before. Unfortunately you now have to act on the pipe and arrest for DP possession of CDS and Paraphernalia. If you don't, you run the risk of the brass reviewing your video and seeing that you failed to act. You are now being charged at work and face suspension / loss of job. Everyone wants transparency, and full documentation until they are wearing bracelets sitting in the back of a patrol unit.
  10. Trying to source a Yugo M92 gas piston for a build I've been working on. CNC warrior has them on the website, but they have not been restocked for months. Searching the net has not turned up any results. Anyone have one they want to get rid of, or know of a source to get one?
  11. I bought one a few years ago, and I have collets for .308 and 300 AAC Blackout. So much better than hand trimming,
  12. 1. Call the court at least 7 days prior to the pay by date / court date and let them know that you are going to plead not guilty. 2. Arrive on time (this is the biggest thing you can do in your favor) and speak to the prosecutor. A. The prosecutor will offer you a plea deal (depends on offense but usually higher fine = no points). B. You were late, acted like an assclown or your drivers abstract is atrocious = no deal. 3. You can accept the deal and plead guilty to the lesser offense. Make sure you bring some form of payment. Cash or check, most Municipal Courts do not accept credit cards. 4. Decline the plea deal, call a lawyer, pay his fees and lose another day of your life to come back to court. More likely or not you will wind up pleading to the same deal the prosecutor offered. For minor traffic offenses you can handle yourself. DWI, accident with injury (your at fault) or multiple moving violations I would definitely get a lawyer. Almost all motor vehicle stops are recorded by video and audio usually up to one minute prior to the officer activating his emergency warning lights.
  13. https://dawsonprecision.com/s-w-m-p-shield-fiber-optic-front-sights/
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