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  1. I am a girl and my favorite "girl" guns cover the gamut- Sig SP2022 (9 mm), ruger 22/45, STI Spartan (.45). Next on my list - a .357 revolver. (FWIW - my preteen, petite daughter took a NRA First Steps Pistol course at GFH and her favorite was the .357 revolver.)
  2. I use boresnakes for pistol barrels and they work fine. A bit trickier to use on revolver chambers. I like the MPro7 cleaner and oil with your favorite silicone cloth. I get the tapered and rounded q-tips with long handles off Amazon. A nylon brush (or toothbrush) is also helpful.
  3. They offer memberships for MUCH less. It is way out west. There are a number of ways you can get certificates to attend their training courses for pennies on the dollar. I have a few, but have not had the time to travel out there to train.
  4. So very sorry to hear this sad news. Condolences.
  5. If you run the boresnake right after you shoot, when the barrel is still hot/warm, you should get better cleaning results.
  6. Jack handled a transfer of a Nagant revolver for me. He was very helpful and incredibly responsive. I really appreciated the tips he gave me. Customer service is top of mind. If you are looking for a dealer, you should check out JT Custom Guns. You are not going to find a nicer, more honest guy!
  7. I use Eva-dry in the basement safe. I check on it every week or two to recharge it when it fills up. I also check my firearms every few weeks just to check to make sure no rust is building up on the ones I don't use frequently. Gun socks and a protective coat of oil or wipe down with a silicone cloth. Perhaps it is overkill, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  8. Motorcycles Wine Saltwater aquariums Pen-turning Travel
  9. I just came back from a business trip and saw the video. Horrific! That poor woman. I wish her and her family all the best. The assailant needs to be taken off the streets.
  10. Sorry you had a less than excellent experience at Lou's. It is my shop of choice, but understand your experience was different.
  11. 10/22 and sig sp2022 Puts dinner on the plate. Both have multi-round mags. The 2022 can be concealed if I need to interact with others. Not sure it is practical to prepare for hoards of attackers if you can only take 2 firearms. In that situation, you are either outgunned or would be overrun by sheer numbers. Best bet is escape and evade. Just my 2 cents...
  12. I put in paperwork 5/31 and it came thru on 6/8.
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