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  1. Hey saw you went to see Silberman. What was your experience like. Have a hip la real tear and trying to avoid surgery...

  2. Not to derail this thread again.. but for those who’ve done their research, what is the specific statue / subsection / paragraph that shows possession of long guns along with an FID isn’t banned with exemptions?
  3. Good for them. A 2A win in any state (or territory) is indirectly a win, for us. We want broad acceptance of firearms and a growth in firearms culture, and this new law aids that goal.
  4. I posted this in another thread, but it looks like the option WITH barrel rifling might be good-to-go soon, too.
  5. Update: Looks like we’ll be finding out real soon if an AR with a VFG, stabilizing brace, and an OAL of >26” will be considered a “firearm”.
  6. I believe that firing guns on your property in Lebanon is still GTG. I checked the ordnances recently.
  7. Correct. Replacementa wear out, and there are only so many times you can get a new replacement, because of how much the “pocket” in the bone (where the replacement is inserted) increases in size and depth each time new hardware is put in.
  8. In theory it is permanent. The idea is that PRP and stem cell treatments allow the tissue to heal & rebuild. So it doesn't make sense as to how it would be temporary. But there aren't really any studies looking at patients over 20/30/40 years and their outcomes, so these are assumptions. I had the most primitive form of these treatments, called prolotherapy, where they inject a solution that causes significant but acute inflammation a number of times every 2-4 weeks for 6+ sessions. The idea is that it kickstarts the healing process, because inflammation is always the first step of healing. I got it done at Dr. Edward Magaziner in North Brunswick for my wrists for a laxity issue (think: picking up a gallon of milk and having the joints in your wrist crunch and move out of place) back in 2011, in conjuction with rest/bracing, and my wrists have been quite normal ever since. They never hurt, and they only experience weird things like clunking when I move them around at their end-range of flexibility. My wrists aren't 100% normal, but they're fine with both everyday life and strength training.
  9. The thing is, I work in the field of strength & conditioning, and I've only done what I perceive to be essentially what everyone else does. That's why I'm seeing the geneticist to see if I have an underlying issue. Barring that I don't, then that means: 1. I really have been doing too much in the first place. 2. Or, I've had poor luck. Either way ... I know I need to change something if I ever get back into strength training. Thank you for the concern.
  10. Dr. Silberman's practice seems to be similar to Dr. Sokalsky's. Silberman is a sports medicine doc who treats a lot of people looking for options outside of surgery. I've never seen him before so I can't report anything. Anywho, I had a plicating capsulorrhaphy procedure last year to stabilize my left shoulder, and my ortho recommended me to get the same thing plus a labral repair on my right shoulder. Given the number of other issues I have, plus the cost of surgery + PT + time away from work, prolo/PRP/stem cell might make sense, especially since everything can be treated simultaneously. Anyway, I'll gladly update y'all on my situation too, if that is the route I go.
  11. Hey guys, I'm a younger (mid-20's) guy with tons of chronic joint issues. After a streak of "little tweaks" from strength training over the years, my body is pretty banged up. I've had prolotherapy done on my wrists when I was younger due to laxity in the joints, and it actually helped and my wrists have been pain free for the past 8 years. I'm currently going to see a geneticist to ensure I don't have any genetic issues (i.e., Ehlers-Danlos). Barring I don't have any genetic issues ... from there, I'll be seeing Dr. Marc Silberman in Stirling, NJ. He does prolotherapy, PRP, and stem cell. Currently, I'm dealing with: Right shoulder laxity + torn labrum Possible torn lateral meniscus in the left knee Possible labrum tear in the right hip Lower back and upper back pain
  12. I’d like to come by. I’m a Union County resident so I’ve never been to Brick Armory / GSSC. I assume for this event all I’d need to do is fill out the typical newbie paperwork and that’s it? I have 10rd Glock 19 mags that I can bring for you to use @Maksim. I’d love to try out your .380 EZ. I’ve been interested in it for some family members.
  13. Same shit, different day. We still all need to do the same as before: #1 - Vote against the anti-gunners. #2 - Introduce as many people to the world of firearms. #3 - Get them invested enough in the cause that they vote, too. This goes for any state. Complacency is what slowly turns places like Florida from safe-havens of freedom to overly-taxed, overly-regulated, anti-gun cesspools. And we’re watching it happen unfortunately.
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