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  1. South Jersey Shooters Club -300 yards
  2. so sorry. we had to put one of our cats down on new years eve morning. I came down stairs to go to work and he was lying there crying in pain, he was paralyzed from throwing a clot. My wife rushed him to the animal hospital not knowing what was wrong at the time and they said there is nothing they can do but to put him down,that he was suffering greatly. i would have given anything to be there,of course i figured i would see him when i got done ,that he would be okay.We don't have children. to us they are our kids. we have 6 others but we miss him every day like a child. Some people just don't understand the bond you have with your pets.
  3. I picked up a 10" round plate for $40.
  4. Fazzio's also carries AR500 plate as well as targets already cut.
  5. The NRA has some nice T shirts and sweatshirts on their site.I have several of each
  6. i am interested depending on the price
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