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  1. I agree 100% with bluelinefish. Take the test. I personally know many COs that have stopped crimes in progress off and on duty. Of course you don't hear about that on the news.
  2. Plastic Tool box from Lowes or Home Depot. You can fit a lot in there. Tools, cleaning kit, bore snakes and targets Etc.
  3. http://www.44mag.com/product/994/magpul Free Shipping!!
  4. I am a member there and looking for some where else to go. I cant deal with the range masters anymore talking down to the members like they are little kids that don't know anything.
  5. Just checked my Saiga. Its been sitting for 4 months not cleaned and I used about 200 rounds of Herters 7.62x39. No rust.
  6. Anyone ever used a Shilen Barrel for any build. A friend says they are garbage. I have been looking around and the web and I can’t find any info that says they are garbage. Thanks
  7. When I there a few years ago there was a few want to be gangsters there acting like A%$ Holes. Friends that went there also had the same experience a few times. And the display cases had hand guns all over each other. I was there only once and would never go back.
  8. Thanks its going on a flat top ar.
  9. Thanks for the info I going to go with the Pro.
  10. Does anyone have a Aimpoint pro? How does it compare to the Vortex red dot?
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