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  1. If this is for car camping, I’d go as big (size wise) as your budget permits. If you have 4 people plus a dog, then a 8-person tent would be spacious. A 6 person might get cramped pretty quick. All those tents look like they would keep you relatively dry for normal amounts of rain. Have fun!
  2. So now you are a liar and a bigot. Nice!
  3. You just wrote that black people don’t like dogs.. seriously? Do you have any data to back that up?
  4. Can you fly into Philadelphia instead?
  5. Yeah I can’t see Frankford being as well made as Forster. I could be wrong but usually their stuff is pretty low quality.
  6. The TNT fireworks worked out great! Here are a couple of pictures:
  7. It's worse. That thing is butt ass ugly. It looks like a newer version of a Subaru Brat. If I showed up with my dirt bike in the back of that thing, I'd be laughed out of the forest and asked to leave.
  8. Ok so like I said you need something to remove the primer crimp. Wolf gold definitely has a crimp on it.
  9. A mentor and something to remove the crimp from military brass I assume you are reloading rifle rounds based on your list
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