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  1. Yep. I like that style of brace. Yeti Wurks makes grips that have a more vertical angle compared to the stock grip. Might want to check that out also. Cool gun!
  2. Sweet! Is the difference between the Micro and EVO pistol just the barrel length?
  3. PA has reciprocity with NJ regarding income taxes. If you are a resident in PA and work in NJ you pay the PA flat tax rate on income earned @ 3.07%. Another benefit of doing this is if you get laid off you can claim NJ unemployment which pays out at a higher rate than PA. For now it's a win win situation. I don't understand why you would want or care about a NJFID if you live in PA. It seems like it is more of a pain than it is really worth.
  4. I was just about to type that. I agree 100%.
  5. So you are coming over to the dark side and getting Nikon gear?
  6. I like the platform more than an AR. I have both and shoot them both well. As they say “variety is the spice of life.”
  7. Ha. The vote was called off. They didn't have the votes that they needed to pass it in the senate.
  8. According to nj.com this may happen today or it may not LOL.. Looks like Assembly has the votes to pass it but the Senate was 3 votes shy as of the report.
  9. Did you really tour with the Dead?
  10. Yeah it’s sucks here. Me and my liberal buddies have like 50,000 LTCF’s. That’s almost 50 times the active permits in the entire state which you reside. We also have a county sponsored/run gun range. We have nice people here and wouldn’t want to change that by having old crotchety jerks move in. So on behalf of me and my Liberal Bucks County friends, we say thank you!!
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