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  1. Not trying to be a pain in the ass but Kalashnikov is the gun designer’s last name and until a few years ago the was no company or brand with Kalashnikov in the name. The law say types. It refers to no other gun on the ban list like this.. it’s meant to be a broad statement against all AK types of sporting rifles.
  2. So every time the AG changes do you have to get a new note? I still think it’s sketchy strictly by the way the statute is written. Could you win in court... maybe. A jury will convict you 9 out of 10 times just because AK’s are the poster child for “evil Rifles” It’s a risk IMO.
  3. NJ and Guns, definitely not perfect together..
  4. I get it.. I was really asking why are you still in NJ??
  5. I got one in a hidden closet...
  6. just paste the url into the text box
  7. I think it includes a set of dies where the titan reloading kit does not? I have not thought about it... I have full set ups for 9mm 45 ACP and .223 with separate powder measures and turrets for each.. Let me think about it.
  8. If your main objective is to load small batches of match type rifle ammo, then IMO you bought the wrong press. You should have bought a Reading or a RCBS Rock Chucker single stage. I am not a Lee hater, I own a LCTP with set ups for 9mm, 45ACP & .223 and for blaster ammo I wouldn't think twice about using it. I don't have any scientific proof regarding this though, just my opinion.. think there is a slight amount of play in that turret that is not there on a true single stage press which could result in small differences working against your original intent of loading uber-precise ammo.
  9. They make it for MTN bikes yeah! It’s basically mineral oil.
  10. We can disagree till the cows come home.. With a lee classic turret you are reloading one round at a time. And yes you can set up to 4 different dies at once per that press. The beauty of that is you can buy multiple turrets and set it once per caliber, and you are good to go. You are still only doing one operation per pull.. it is just that you don't have stop and change dies in order to move to the next stage. If you are getting into re loading pistol ammo, a single stage(with one die) just wont cut it in my opinion It's too slow and monotonous. You can take your time and learn all the steps on a turret press and go at your own pace. It is a far better way to load pistol ammo vs. a traditional single stage press.
  11. A turret press is simply a single stage press with positions to hold your dies as they are needed. It's not complicated and you can take out the auto indexing rod and index it with your hand if you would like.
  12. That APP device looks pretty slick. I wonder how the military crimp Swager works? Have you used it for that yet?
  13. So if it is Russian and not a Saiga or VEPR it is most likely a parts kit built on a US receiver. Are you sure the receiver says AKM? I am not a lawyer and some will say its OK while other's will say it's not. You have to decide what you are comfortable with because to me in NJ...AK variants are a roll of the dice. You could argue the whole substantially identical verbiage and what "type" means but the statute clearly says: "Avtomat Kalashnikov type semi-automatic firearms" are banned. Good luck! I love my AK-103 clone.
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