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  1. The Dicks in Montgomery County, PA no longer carries any gun stuff.. they have fishing rods in the old rifle rack. I was there 2 weeks ago to get a new fishing rod for my kid.
  2. @AVB-AMG I wasn’t joking. That bike is 28 years old. It doesn’t look like you ever road it but still... it’s very old and the fact you got someone to give you $250 bucks for it is amazing to me.
  3. I bet there is tons of 7.62x39 out there
  4. That bike is worth 75 bucks tops!
  5. I am pretty sure the 5-0-5 was only made by ohaus for RCBS.
  6. Sounds like you have a winner @Heavyoppand I wouldn’t question that. I will continue to use my trusty old RCBS 505 made in USA by Ohaus. Simple and dead accurate every time.
  7. All depends on the powder. If he is loading with a real fast powder like titegoroup the min and max are really close. I think 9mm is only like +.3 grains from starting to max..
  8. Is this still for sale. I know a guy who might be interested not on the forum. Let me know.
  9. I use the rcbs AR series dies for .223 So far no complaints. My other die sets are mostly Hornady Custom grade dies. I also use the lee factory crimp die for all my calibers.
  10. carl_g


    Yeah let’s see!!
  11. carl_g


    My mantra is use whatever goes bang but I know a lot of people feel differently.
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