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  1. No zero FX..... KTM!! Hell yeah!! Troll....
  2. Does anyone here own a model 3, specifically the dual motor model(AWD)? Wondering your experience so far and also what you would compare the interior room to? A 3 series? Accord? Can adults sit comfortably in the back seats or is it tight back there?
  3. Pocatello, Idaho Falls?
  4. Why are you using h335 with such a light bullet? H335 is supposed to be used to mimic military loads. And starting at 26+ grains is over max recommended charge from Hodgson's load data.
  5. My bad.. still don’t get the hype. Flash hider oooooooh!
  6. Thanks! It’s so hard to buy something and wait10 months to take possession of it. LOL!!
  7. All this for a rifle that is 2 inches shorter?? I don’t get the hype.
  8. What’s the turn around time now for a Form 4??
  9. I’m not sure how much you bought but that sucks.. if you want a good metering powder for 55gr pills give H335 a try. I have had good success with it and it meters like water. I load these rounds on my progressive press, no issues.
  10. It said the Silent Wave Motor (auto focus motor) was squeaking so it got replaced, the bayonet mount was replaced, and it got cleaned internally. Good stuff!!
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