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  1. Get a new job and don’t move there or live in PA and commute.
  2. you'll be fine. I used to put old premix in my truck at times..no issues.
  3. apple FTW!
  4. PPQ FTW!
  5. I use the L-n-L AP for .223 and it works great. For 308 I would use a good single stage. This guy goes over using the press for .308
  6. I might go. I can bring tons of ammo but I am afraid to bring my guns to NJ.
  7. What one do you have. I was thinking of buying one. In PA you can own them as a curio but you cant carry them apparently.
  8. I was at that game.. Juve played their whole squad...Bayern only subbed minimal people. They played mostly 2nd teamers.
  9. I guess I should have been more specific. While we were talking about gaming rigs, the ones I was looking at were "boutique" pre builts from people like Digital Storm, Xidax, Origin and Cyberpower(on the lower end) Most of these systems you knew what you were getting as compared to something like Dell and HP.
  10. When we priced it out 6 months ago due to the high prices of RAM and video cards, building a PC was in most cases more or about even vs buying a pre built. You have to factor in the cost of the windows OS into your price also. Maybe things have changed but here is a good site if you want to price out a custom build: http://pcpartpicker.com
  11. No one takes checks anymore and Best Buy is overpriced most of the time. Buy on Amazon and with prime it’s free 2 day shipping.
  12. @Smokin .50 @GRIZ Are you guys seriously still shooting film or are you just reflecting on the old days?
  13. that rig you have listed sounds really slick! good luck with your choice.
  14. +1 that is pretty cool.