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  1. I guess I should have been more specific. While we were talking about gaming rigs, the ones I was looking at were "boutique" pre builts from people like Digital Storm, Xidax, Origin and Cyberpower(on the lower end) Most of these systems you knew what you were getting as compared to something like Dell and HP.
  2. When we priced it out 6 months ago due to the high prices of RAM and video cards, building a PC was in most cases more or about even vs buying a pre built. You have to factor in the cost of the windows OS into your price also. Maybe things have changed but here is a good site if you want to price out a custom build: http://pcpartpicker.com
  3. No one takes checks anymore and Best Buy is overpriced most of the time. Buy on Amazon and with prime it’s free 2 day shipping.
  4. @Smokin .50 @GRIZ Are you guys seriously still shooting film or are you just reflecting on the old days?
  5. that rig you have listed sounds really slick! good luck with your choice.
  6. +1 that is pretty cool.
  7. What happened to this post??? Hi carl_g, Sniper22 quoted one of your posts in a topic. Posted in At What point do we say ENOUGH! 44 minutes ago, carl_g said: With NJ’s newly passed law you might get an unexpected knock from the SP if you keep talking like that. Here, let me show you how concerned I am about that: We still have 1st Amendment rights in this country, don't we?
  8. +1 France have been boring to watch but with all that talent on the pitch, it is the coach’s doing to play with that pragmatic style.
  9. Nope but I do consider blabbing and carrying on about how we need a civil war or a revolution on a gun forum stupid and irresponsible. Be careful. With NJ’s newly passed law you might get an unexpected knock from the SP if you keep talking like that.
  10. Mr Sniper has eluded to this multiple times on this forum and I agree it’s stupid and irresponsible.
  11. Sure.. I don’t give a shit where you “put” me.
  12. Thomas Paine was a drunk. Nice roll model.
  13. I think his point is that Windows OS sucks.
  14. For photo stuff why not take the opportunity to go with a Mac ?
  15. I’m not a young whipper snapper either and I spent the majority of my HS and college years in and around a dark room. So I get and appreciate all that old gear and process. That doesn’t mean I would still want to do that anymore and I am not sure that makes me any better than some HIgh school art kid today who has only shot with a digital camera of some sort. Just think if the guy who shot the Iwa Jima flag raising picture had a new iPhone, he wouldn’t have had to lug that large format camera up that hill, most likely would have gotten a better exposure and sharper picture and after he took it he could have texted it to the general in charge or time magazine or whoever