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  1. We have a fox that comes by once and a while and takes one away. The other day it chased a squirrel up a tree for a couple of feet and snagged him.
  2. Thanks. No iPhone. Nikon D4 with a Nikon 300mm f/2.8
  3. I caught this guy in my yard today. They are EVERYWHERE!
  4. I can see them but you all need to hire a photographer to take pictures of your pets. These pictures all suck lol!
  5. Also check to make sure you NAT type is open. This is really important for Xbox multiplayer game performance.
  6. IMO, You should always hardwire the Xbox.
  7. There is some really good YouTube videos from this guy who did a whole series on .380 testing using all the major brands ect.. it’s pretty in depth. Look up ammo quest .380 and you’ll find it. At the time the Lehigh defense .380 penetrator ammo was considered the best out there. I have a glock 42. It’s small, light and works OK.
  8. I’ve been to 2 professional soccer games during the lockdown so far. There is no sound being piped into the stadium, it’s super quiet and you can hear everything the players and coaches say to each other. It’s bizarre, there are maybe 200 people in a stadium which in my example is supposed to seat almost 19,000. So yeah what you hear on TV is all simulation.
  9. My kids elementary school had a field day last year. They had a “shooting gallery” with pie pans and sling shots set up for the kids to play with.. imagine that. LOL.
  10. Yep by the hospital. I am a couple miles away. We lost power for like 30 minutes.. not too bad.
  11. Me too it just works and using Waze as a combo it works very well for me. I have K band turned off KA and laser but I might turn the laser detection off. Volvo’s always set it off. That being said, the new model intrigues me .
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