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  1. What type of fish are we talking about? 20lb braid for fresh water is overkill unless you are fishing around a ton of structure IMO.
  2. Looks awesome man!!!
  3. I grow a ton of weed but don't tell anyone OK?
  4. Which model did you get?
  5. So this is what this forum has turned into? Anyone having an opinion that doesn't match with yours is considered a troll and called out? It's total bullshit. This is a discussion forum not a circle jerk.
  6. No. I think it is probably more like neither of these 3 states have reciprocity with any other state. It's usually a 2 way agreement.(not always) NY, MD, and NJ don't honor any state's CCW permits.
  7. Call it whatever you like.. its a workaround and like I said before, all this stems from the original problem of NJ not issuing CCW permits nor having reciprocity with anyone. So stop blaming other states for your problems.
  8. No gun control laws have passed. The AG closed a loophole that apparently you were exploiting. I won't judge anyone on that cause I would do the same thing if I was there. Reciprocity is alive and well for residents of the states that PA has agreements with.
  9. What change in PA? and how does it affect it's residents? Maybe I missed something.
  10. yes that is true sorry I misunderstood what you wrote prior. Apologies,
  11. NO concealed carry is allowed during a state of emergency with a PA LTCF.
  12. There is probably a lot of truth to this. And before you all start harping how bad PA sucks you need to reflect on how much worse NJ is. Let's not forget that NJ does not have reciprocity with anyone... that is the main problem here. If NJ actually issued CCW to it's citizens then this would be a non-issue. Sorry to hear about this ruling.