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  1. Yeah it’s sucks here. Me and my liberal buddies have like 50,000 LTCF’s. That’s almost 50 times the active permits in the entire state which you reside. We also have a county sponsored/run gun range. We have nice people here and wouldn’t want to change that by having old crotchety jerks move in. So on behalf of me and my Liberal Bucks County friends, we say thank you!!
  2. The Mayor of Newark, NJ is looking into a "universal basic income" program. They are looking to pay residents some amount of money for doing nothing. Not a lot of information but how are they going to pay for this? If the people don't have enough money to live and need govt. handouts, how will Newark subsidize this? Do they get money from the state? They certainly wont get it from tax paying residents of the city if there even are any...I just ran across this. http://www.fox5ny.com/news/newark-universal-basic-income
  3. @Smokin .50 I watched the 1st 27 minutes of that until he was done his speech. Great story and a great speaker. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I would think that anything to do with counterfeit money involves the feds.
  5. What kind of bill was it? Did you make it? Sounds like an interesting story.
  6. It isn't going to happen until the fed reclassifies it from something other than a schedule 1 drug. That form Griz is referring to is a federal form. I totally agree but how is "use" defined?
  7. That last statement is sad and funny at the same time. What ammo were you using?
  8. Common man lighten up. In all seriousness the web site has a lot of information and look at the pictures. It gives you a pretty good idea that this place is pretty bare bones. There is a line a ez ups with fold out tables. Also pictures of the pavilion which appears to be rustic to say the least. They say that they have a bunkhouse that can only be accessed by AWD vehicles with no electric.
  9. I’ve never been there but maybe this will help. http://bfy.tw/MjiO
  10. It’s totally not going to work. The taxes they are going to charge will be so undercut by the black market that his tax revenue will be nothing but a pipe dream. (See what I did there? lol)
  11. It would bother me. It’s none of their damn business. Does he get a medal or patch for every 5 rifles he finds that are out of “compliance?” His job is range safety officer not a cop.
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