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  1. LOL I feel sorry for you. As far as gun rights go, you are moving from one shit hole to another.
  2. I love the smell of premix in the morning
  3. LOL! If they can't agree on and put fourth a health care solution or tax reform, it should be no big surprise that National reciprocity hasnt come up yet. Keep dreaming.
  4. Good luck and stay safe.
  5. Rotating 40 gallons of gas on a yearly basis to me is a pain in the ass. I guess its a personal choice in what you are willing to do and keep up with. I don't agree with a bottled water shelf life and apparently the FDA doesn't either. The FDA considers bottled water to have an indefinite shelf life if it’s produced in accordance with regulations and remains unopened. Therefore, expiration dates on bottles are voluntary, and may reflect concerns for taste and odor rather than safety. Bottled water should be stored in a cool location away from direct sunlight. http://www.bottledwater.org/education/bottled-water-storage
  6. You cant store gas for all that long and its probably cheaper to go to costco and buy cases of kirkland water and stow them away compared to setting up a collection and filtration system. If you get in the habit of buying just a little extra every other time you go to the store and put it away you'll be amazed how quick you will build up a cache of food/water and you won;t have to scramble last minute.
  7. Having a LTCF in PA (which everyone should have) allows you to carry during a state of emergency.
  8. I live in the doylestown area. We really like it here. Tanners is my LGS
  9. Don't forget the beveled front of the slide... It's a game changa'!
  10. Same in PA. No attorney.
  11. But you'll be able to smoke weed legally.. that's a plus
  12. Just stay in PA. NJ sucks anyway.
  13. Looks good to me but I don't have to deal with that stupid law so....
  14. I have an M&P 45c with one of those triggers and the DACEK kit. It's an amazing combo... dare I say almost as good as my PPQ.
  15. Interesting... that is pretty cool