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  1. +1 if you are happy with the results no need wasting more powder.
  2. I got a saiga and converted it a long time ago. It’s a great firearm.
  3. I’ve always run 24.5gr of h335 for 55gr fmjbt. I’d ladder up from the min charge on Hornady’s web site and go from there. Good luck!
  4. Trade 3k small pistol primers fiocchi ?
  5. Looking at what Hodgon posts for 115gr and CFE-Pistol it seems like you are a little on the light side. Lead round nose starting loads are 4.9gr and they post some hollow points with starting loads at 5.3 gr. I would use the HP data as a start at minimum load and ladder up from there with a chrono. Good luck and stay safe.
  6. Haha!! I still have all those photoshops I did of that dude somewhere. I need to dig them up lol.
  7. I’ll tow it away free of charge
  8. Gunbroker is selling primers for 399.99 for 1k small pistol primers. I’ll save you the hazmat and cc charges if you need some
  9. Ive got SPP. $300/1000.
  10. I found what I had..Use at your own risk :) This is the data that I captured based on 230 Plated RN, shot out of a S&W M&P 45c. caliber bullet wt. gr bullet type powder charge(gr) COL velocity(ft/sec) 45ACP 230 RN(xtreme) CFE-P 5.2 1.25 587.6 45ACP 230 RN(xtreme) CFE-P 5.6 1.25 613.4 45ACP 230 RN(xtreme) CFE-P 6 1.25 666.8 45ACP 230 RN(xtreme) CFE-P 6.4 1.25 729.4
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