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  1. Fortunately I loaded up on ammo for all my guns when Clinton was making threats and still have a lot of it. Only mistake I made was starting to buy 40 cal 25 years later and I only have a thousand of those left. I have 22 versions of all my carry guns and use them for practice. When I lived in jersey we had an inside range and bought cases of federal target ammo........still have a couple cases of that plus many bricks I bought since. Glad I stocked up. I have a home range outside now and can shoot as often as needed to stay in shape.
  2. You know, the more I read this forum the more I remember EXACTLY why I moved out of NJ to Kentucky. Here in Ky we rate nearly the worst state for gun control according to the Brady Bunch and that's just fine by me. In fact in this time of turmoil one of our Congressmen has just introduced a law to REPEAL federal gun free school zones so that teachers and others can be armed as they should be. I'm about to establish residency in NJ so that I may be closer to some friends but after considerable pondering I've decided to be there only a couple months or so scattered throughout the year. And yes, I do believe Christie will bend as needed. The best Republican in NJ is lucky if he equals the Worst Democrat in Ky. ( of course I refer to politicians...who IMHO all are bad these days) I've been closely watching all the goings on in NJ and it's worse than ever. I believe locally there were about 15 or so signed up for NRA membership this month so far.
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