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  1. In the process of restoring a 1969 CJ5. It's a sickness. . .
  2. There are a lot of repros out there. Most of the $3-500.00 guns are Indian imports. Places like Veteran Arms, Loyalist Arms, and Middlesex Village Trading, all stock the Indian guns. Dixon's has the standard Pedersoli line, as well as a bunch of consignment guns. There are also a couple of dozen custom gunmakers that offer production models as well as one offs that are historically accurate, but be advised that you can wait upwards of 3 years for these and pay anywhere from $1200-3000.00. Are you looking for any specific type? I'm predominantly a smoothbore shooter and could recommend some different styles based on your needs/wants.
  3. GG&G MAD because it was on the rifle when I bought it, and it does have an NSN, which has to account for something.
  4. Clint, We can arrange that if you're interested. Shoot me a PM.
  5. Connected with balkan here on the list for an ammo purchase and it was GTG. Pleasure doing business with him.
  6. Greetings All: Checking in from Warren County. Recently decided to get back into modern shooting after spending 20+ years pretty much shooting flintlocks (Reenacting and hunting), and figured under the present political climate and circumstances it pays to stay connected to fellow 2nd Amendment supporters.
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