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  1. I "inherited" this 7 1/2 inch (end to end) stainless BlackHawk barrel and there are no markings on it that indicate what caliber it is. I don't have a BlackHawk pistol. but when I inserted a .45 Auto bullet into the barrel nose first, about 1/8 of the copper is showing between the barrel and brass. This leads me to believe it is either a .44 or .45. Any ideas on how to determine what caliber it is without having to consult a gunsmith? It's also for sale if anyone is interested.
  2. Great purchase experience!
  3. I was a long time subscriber to the Star Ledger and last year cancelled my subscription as I was repulsed by their leftist editorial policy. I let them know that unless they became fair and balanced, my boycott of their rag would be for life. As gun owners, we should band together and stop buying the Star Ledger.
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