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  1. Gonna stop in today. Are .223 rifles still allowed here? I have an AR15 that in need to sight in
  2. I'm off on Thursday, I'll stop by
  3. Picked up my first 1911 today from Steve. Good guy and great conversation. Enjoy Easter/Passover break.
  4. Any update on a grand opening date? I'm looking forward to shooting there again, it's only 15 mins from my house.
  5. Doing change of address in Ocean twp, required extra forms. Employer was called and interviews as well as myself, refs, and myself. This is crazy, filed Dec 19 and still awaiting just a change of address and 2 ptp.
  6. Anderson lower and PSA classic complete lower kit and PSA Freedom Upper 1/7 twist on a 16" SS barrel. aim surplus nickel bcg. Built and done for $518 excluding mags and ammo. I was aiming for $500 but missed PSA free shipping by 1 day.
  7. Sorry for the no pics. Here is one.
  8. Just finishes my build, $550 and done. Did my own bayo-removal and pinned my stock. Anderson lower from Monmouth arms and a PTAC upper with a 1/7 barrel. Aim nibx bcg. Deals are out there, u gotta watch and be patient.
  9. I'll keep my eye on this. I just moved 10 minutes from the ft Monmouth base
  10. Sounds great. Im excited to be able to have a place to fire my rifles indoors during the cold months. I have some permits on the way, so hopefully the Feds don't drag their feet. (On either end)
  11. Good luck guys. I am looking forward to shooting there again. I almost had to force my self to go to the "other range".
  12. A little late, but welcome. I am from Keyport as well. How has your experience with the PD been?
  13. Check out Just Right Carbines out of NY. They make ar style carbines in 9mm, 40sw, and 45 acp. They sell parts too, not sure if they are proprietary design, but they have something to look at. Would you consider buying a build pistol caliber rifle? They are priced well and accept glock mags. Any other requirements or preferences?
  14. It's all pretty much garbage, no ammo. Just the crap that collected dust in the "store". I'm not surprised the tools are ryobi either.
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