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  1. Going to white rose thunder in york PA. Sept 25-27. Great ride and shows all weekend.
  2. BS!! I found plenty online!! still .21 per round.
  3. I had the same problem with my scar 17. I went with seekins matched rings on my vortex viper 2.5-10x44. Extra high 1.4" or AR high 1.6" rings on flat top.
  4. I'll take it. I have plenty of 9mm brass to trade. I'm in Roselle park also.
  5. The link will not work. Maybe its just me?
  6. Oops. My bad. I thought you were talking about scar 17.
  7. Instead of trigger upgrade, I would change the lower out to take pmags.
  8. Yea, I don't think is worth $300.
  9. Awesome trigger. I was just playing with the SCAR 17 trigger few hours ago...
  10. Yep 8 months sounds about right. Last year they were waiting on ink for the printer and had stack of permits.
  11. You should be working not posting!! Lol
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