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  1. not cool bro, rubbing it in big time. I have a thin blue line flag on my jeep,can I carry?
  2. Thanks guys, I was going to purchase it at Tanners but beretta sent the wrong ones, they sent Law enforcement only
  3. I'm also in scotch plains, I was a member at old bridge for years but let my membership lapse due to never going because of time restraints. Prob going to start going to RTSP
  4. Hi all looking for opinions on this shotgun, 12 gauge,18.5" barrel, 5-1
  5. Lecky

    What's missing

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. Lecky

    What's missing

    Merry Christmas all, I'm looking for a little help on what's missing from my collection, I have 2 permits coming. So far I have Kimber 1911 Glock 19 Walther ppq m2 Ruger match champion 357 S&w 686p 357 Springfield xds 9mm Springfield xds 45 cal Cz 75 bd Ruger 22/45 Thank you
  7. Hi all, what would the process be for gifting a AR-15 to my father who lives in NY? It's a rifle that I built a few years ago.
  8. Lecky


    Hi all, do you guys have holsters for everyone of your handguns even though we live in this great no carry state?
  9. I been a member at old bridge for several years but the last 2 years I might have logged 8 range days, I'm having a hard time justifying the yearly dues and work hrs adding to over $500 when I hardly go. Between work and my kids activities I can't find the time to get there. Has anyone else ever had this issue, and if so what did you do?
  10. Hi guys, I'm going to get into black fishing this year and was wondering if you guys could recommend a good rod and reel set up, I need to know exact sizes of the rod and reel also. Please, nothing that's going to send me to the poor house. Thank you.
  11. Lecky


    Hi all, does anyone own or have experience with the beretta brigadier? I'm looking for some feedback on this handgun. Thanks.
  12. Lecky

    What a feel

    Last week I picked up a S&W 2.5" 686 revolver, while I was waiting for my nics to come back I was checking out some of the merchandise. I've been looking at getting a compact 45. I was looking at the glock and a couple others then I put the Springfield xds 3.3" in my hand and I was blown away how comfortable it felt, so of course I had to put a deposit on it. Anybody else have any experience with this gun?
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