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  1. I'm just down the road from you in Julington Creek Plantation in St. Johns. We have friends in Nocatee and that's a great area. Have you tried out any of the ranges/shops down here yet? I'm very interested to hear your thoughts on either.
  2. You may want to look into Second Call Defense. They pay out immediately while most CCW insurance programs only pay out AFTER you have been cleared so no bail money or legal fees up front.
  3. I just found out that I'm being laid off in 60 days so it looks like I'll be pushing up the NJ exodus by a year. The plan is to be in Florida starting 1-Nov. I will be applying for my CCW ASAP after the move.
  4. If your a good shot, eggs make a cool splash and there's always clays in a clay holder
  5. It was on CNN right after it happened. That's probably only because they were former CNN anchors, but at least they gave a very favorable portrayal of a self defense shooting.
  6. Does he keep up the fake Russian shtick with meet and greet like this? I can't help but think of him as the Larry the Cable Guy (Dan Whitney) of the gun world.
  7. Dicks has clays on sale right now I believe
  8. I think we actually agree more than anything. I think they have a great concept but leave a lot to be desired in the execution. My hope is that someone else will learn from their mistakes and build something better. On a side note, I heard an interview with the owner of Tracking Point about his attempts to patent a system to disable smart guns in designated locations (i.e. inoperable in gun free zones) He said at the time that the strategy was to get the patent to lock up the concept so no one else could build it, preventing the system from ever being developed. I'm not sure how far he actually got but I'm sure that won't happen now with the company folding.
  9. I agree that it could be good as a designated marksman platform but as it was designed it had no manual override to be able to pull the trigger without the computer. That seems like a tremendous liability for actually fielding the rifle in combat. Also, they seemed to be primarily targeting a slim civilian market of people with too much money and nothing else to spend it on.
  10. I thought the main problem with that thing was the insane price tag. Well, that and not developing any actually shooting skill and relying on a computer to shoot for you...
  11. I'm hoping to be there. I'll bring my 870, ammo, spare eyes and ears and bottles of water, as long as I can make it.
  12. If you go to Thunder Mountain stop off at Tackle and Field in Wanaque. They normally have a few OUs in stock. Last time I was in there a month or so ago they had a couple nice CZs.
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