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  1. BTW - Some of the events are timed, and changing magazines is a part of the overall test for rifleman, so you should go with a semi-auto .22 with at least 2 magazines. For example, they will tell you to load 2 magazines, one with 2 shots and the other with 10. You will shoot at 4 AQ targets. In a set amount of time, you will need to place 2 shots on the left target, change magazines, place another 1 on the first target, and then 3 in each of the remaining targets. A bolt action is probably the worst thing you could bring to an Appleseed, because after each shot you will need to re-establish your natural point of aim.
  2. Thanks to everyone for responding. I was in Brazil last week for business and couldn’t access the forum, so I just read everything this morning. NC seems to be a VERY gun friendly state, so I am excited. I can finally get some of the toys I wanted (complete with evil features!).
  3. Wife is there this week looking at property. Anyone have any experience with NC gun laws? Anything I should be aware of? We are looking in and around the Sunset Beach area.
  4. I agree with this ^. The quality of Guide Gear leaves something to be desired, and as most of the posters on this forum seem to appreciate quality in their firearm components and knives, I would recommend you stay away from it. For brands that you know, SG pricing can be pretty good. If you are going to join the buyers’ club, here’s a hint: Put what you want in your basket, and when the first screen pops up to ask you to join say no. They will sweeten the pot and ask again.
  5. I have had a completely different experience. I was looking for a spotting scope, and found the same scope on Amazon and Sportsman’s Guide. I bought from Amazon, as they had free shipping (I am a Prime member), which worked out to be more than the discount I got as a SG member. About a week after I received the scope, SG sent me an email asking about my order and asking for suggestions to improve. I told them why I purchased from Amazon instead of directly from them, and told them if they are going to sell through Amazon they need to provide some place to enter your buyer’s club number. They immediately (and I mean in about an hour) issued a credit through Amazon for the difference. Still no place to enter your number on Amazon, but they took care of me. I would call that pretty good customer service.
  6. OK, so I'm looking for a budget slug gun for deer - these look ideal. Any downside? What chokes are typical on these?
  7. Forgot about that. Darn! Thread closed.
  8. I hunt in PA, and I'm looking to acquire a deer rifle. I also don't own an AR yet, and I am wondering if an AR is an appropriate deer rifle. Can I satisfy my AR lust and get a nice hunting rifle at the same time, or do I need to choose?
  9. Deglaze with bourbon! You rock - gonna do that next time.
  10. I went to the Appleseed in Winslow and it was great! Learned a lot. 10 attendees, 2 instructors. Didn't make rifleman, but came close. I will go again. Details here:http://www.appleseedinfo.org/ Pictures from our event:http://appleseedinfo.org/smf/index.php?topic=37586.0
  11. I agree with the cubed london broil (and lately it's been cheaper then ground beef). Also, I'll often replace 1/3 of the meat with italian sausage - I've won 2 competitions doing this. You can also replace 1 can of the kidney beans with black beans - gives a nice flavor profile.
  12. Actually, that looks like a pretty nice rifle. Anybody have one or know anything about it?
  13. Didn't used to carry it, but started after the great ammo shortage. Laminated and in my wallet, will probably toss it back in the safe once I can get handgun ammo when I want it, and not when I run across it.
  14. Airgun Depot is having a sale on RWS scopes. I have this one: http://tinyurl.com/op9araf On sale for $85 and worth every penny. Made specifically for springers, and has parallex adj for usual (shorter) pellet rifle range. Then get this mount: http://www.airgundepot.com/rws-lock-down-scope-mount-1-inch.html I have this combination on my RWS after having gone through 2 other .22 scopes and trying everyting else to keep the scope from creeping. Springers recoil in both directions, and are hell on scopes not designed for that sort of abuse. BTW etos - that mount is also pre-adjusted for "droop"
  15. Guys - the law says "and in the course of travel shall include only such deviations as are reasonably necessary under the circumstances." He's staying at your house to compete in a shooting match the next day. Having his gun with him - in your house - is "reasonably necessary" as "the circumstances" are that he's staying with you. Leaving it at the range, or leasing him a couch for $1, is not reasonable.
  16. Heritage Guild in Branchburg has a very good archery pro shop - they can probably do it for you there.
  17. We'll be in South Jersey around Williamstown - any good restaurant recommendations? Any of 'em got a safe?
  18. Wait - you can run 2 generators in parallel with no problems? I did not know this. I always learn something new on this forum, even if it’s not necessarily about guns.
  19. ... And let me try to explain why I am asking. Next week my buddy and I are heading out for a weekend of shooting, in NJ. Rifles only, no pistols. We will be staying in a hotel Saturday night, and don’t want to leave our guns in the room unattended when we go to dinner. I say they will be fine in the trunk, and he is freaking out. I just want to point to something to set his mind at ease.
  20. Not to belabor the point, but doesn't this trump everything else? It's the any firearm part that I'm trying to understand. N.J.S.2C:39-5f states: (1) A member of any rifle or pistol club organized in accordance with the rules prescribed by the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice, in going to or from a place of target practice, carrying such firearms as are necessary for said target practice, provided that the club has filed a copy of its charter with the superintendent and annually submits a list of its members to the superintendent and provided further that the firearms are carried in the manner specified in subsection g. of this section; (2) A person carrying a firearm or knife in the woods or fields or upon the waters of this State for the purpose of hunting, target practice or fishing, provided that the firearm or knife is legal and appropriate for hunting or fishing purposes in this State and he has in his possession a valid hunting license, or, with respect to fresh water fishing, a valid fishing license; (3) A person transporting any firearm or knife while traveling: (a) Directly to or from any place for the purpose of hunting or fishing, provided the person has in his possession a valid hunting or fishing license; or (b) Directly to or from any target range, or other authorized place for the purpose of practice, match, target, trap or skeet shooting exhibitions, provided in all cases that during the course of the travel all firearms are carried in the manner specified in subsection g. of this section and the person has complied with all the provisions and requirements of Title 23 of the Revised Statutes and any amendments thereto and all rules and regulations promulgated thereunder; or © In the case of a firearm, directly to or from any exhibition or display of firearms which is sponsored by any law enforcement agency, any rifle or pistol club, or any firearms collectors club, for the purpose of displaying the firearms to the public or to the members of the organization or club, provided, however, that not less than 30 days prior to the exhibition or display, notice of the exhibition or display shall be given to the Superintendent of the State Police by the sponsoring organization or club, and the sponsor has complied with such reasonable safety regulations as the superintendent may promulgate. Any firearms transported pursuant to this section shall be transported in the manner specified in subsection g. of this section; http://www.state.nj.us/njsp/about/fire_ag2.html
  21. OK, I know this has been beaten to death here, but I cannot find a reference to this in the law. Conventional wisdom here is that with an FPID I can carry unloaded long arms in my car and not have to worry about the whole “direct to and from the range” part of the law. I’ve seen posts that say that as long as I have my FPID I can drive around all day with a rifle in my trunk, as long as it is unloaded (and I stay out of school zones). But I can’t find any post that actually points to this in the law – it is all opinion. There are also a bunch of links in the FAQ that are broken. As far as I can tell NJ makes no distinction between handguns and longarms – they are all “firearms”. I apologize if my searching skills are not up to par, but can someone please point me to this exception in the law? Not your opinion, but where it actually says this. BTW - my card was re-issued in January of 2010, and it only says "purchase". Thanks
  22. These are real tiny screws, and are sitting below the surface of the dovetail, so Dremel won't work. Has anyone used a Grabit on screws this small (<1/16")? If you look at the picture, the two snapped off screws are the two on the right - and this is a 3/8" dovetail. On another note, I am learning that there are gunsmiths, and then there are air gun smiths. Some gunsmiths won't touch an air rifle. Sent a note to Umarex yesterday (the current importers of RWS), still waiting for an answer. RWS air rifles are supposed to have a "limited lifetime warantee"; not sure what that means. This one was built in '81.
  23. Now that we will be allowed to hunt squirrel and rabbit with a pellet rifle, I was sighting in my RWS model 45 this weekend and found that it kept drifting. I removed the scope and discovered that 2 of the 3 screws securing the dovetail to the receiver were sheared off (see attached pic). Spring air rifles are known to be hell on scopes and mounts due to their dual recoil, but this is the first time I've seen anything like this. I need someone to remove the screws and replace with new ones. Any suggestions?
  24. I, for one, appreciate BLF’s comments. I have no LEO friends or acquaintances, and so I find his views and opinions valuable in understanding how LEOs think, how they've been trained, and what their expectations are. I think it’s important to understand their viewpoint, because sooner or later you are going to need to deal with them, and I’d rather do so with some knowledge, especially knowing what the “triggers” are. I've edited my current letter to my local police down to 10 pages - still too much?
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