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  1. The 10/22 posts over in the rimfire forum got me Googling (had not heard the term "Liberty Rifle" before), which of course brought me to the Appleseed web site. So - has anyone been to one of these? Care to tell us about it? Thanks
  2. "Some guns SHOULD be stored muzzle down, such as all muzzle-loaders to prevent oil migration in the breech plug." Really? I've been shooting muzzle-loaders for 20 years and have never heard of this. Not saying it's wrong, and I'm always willing to learn. Anyone else hear of this? BTW - if you look at amories at places like Williamsburg, muskets are stored muzzle up.
  3. Bulkammo.com is sellign .22LR for ... get this... $24.75 for 50 rounds. I shoulda took all my 401K money and bought cases and cases of .22LR. Who knew? http://www.bulkammo.com/rimfire/bulk-.22-lr-ammo
  4. Was looking for a small quantity of shot to do some black powder turkey hunting this spring and Cowboy came through. Met him for a beer (or 2) this weekend and got what I needed. He's probably forgotten more about guns/hunting/shooting than I'll ever know; everyone I've met through the shooting sports have been some of the best people I know. Now if I actually get a gobbler this spring I'll post pics. Thanks!
  5. I have orderd from Meritline on numerous occasions and never had a problem. I use PayPal with them and stuff usually takes 3 - 4 weeks to arrive. Great place to get inexpensive cables, HDMI, etc.
  6. And this is why I love this forum! Thanks to everyone for your advice and assistance. Looks like a trip to Dixon’s is in order. I was hoping to avoid going, because there is no way I am just going to walk out the door with just 5 pounds of shot. Better go with cash and leave the credit card at home. If for some reason I don’t make it up there before the season I’ll break down some 12 gauge rounds. Parker – Thanks for the clarification about shot sizes and the links (the Turkey Hunting manual looks excellent). Smokin .50 – I’ll take your advice about the small hole in the over-shot card; this makes sense to me. My .62 flinter is only a single shot (actually a Jackie Brown Canoe gun), but it patterns well with 65 grains of 2F and an equal volume of shot. I’ve also got a .75 cal Brown Bess, but it’s a monster to drag around in the field and weighs twice as much as the .62. Great follow-through though; it’s like swinging a sewer pipe strapped to a railroad tie. My usual shotgun load for this gun is 65 grains of 2F, cardboard card, cushion, shot, and white over-shot card. Have not used it hunting with shot yet, but I’ve tried it this way on clays. This is the same gun I use for deer season loaded with a .60 ball (and yes, with that short barrel I have to get pretty close).
  7. Thanks, Tunaman. BBs and a head shot it is.
  8. So I am getting ready for Spring Turkey season in PA and would like to use my 62 cal smoothbore as a shotgun. I’ve got cards and wads that I bought a few years ago, but all I have is some real small bird shot; and not much of that. Looking for 5, 6, or 7 shot, but all I can find is 25lb bags at Cabella’s. Nobody shooting black powder needs 25 lbs. of shot – more like 3 – 5. Anyone have a source? Oh, and as this will be my first time going for turkey, is this the right size to consider? Thanks!
  9. FYI – my experience is that while the blow-back models are more realistic, they are not nearly as accurate (and the sights are not adjustable on most). I’ve got a Beretta PX4 Storm, and while it’s a blast to shoot, if I actually want to hit something I’ll use my Webley Tempest. YMMV
  10. They are pretty much my local gun shop and while prices aren’t always the best I usually get good service from them. Also get my bait there on the way to Round Valley in the summer (but they are not open on Sundays – WTF?). I like to shop locally, and try and avoid places like Dick’s and Walmart. Definitely mom & pop, I think everyone who works there is a family member. I’ve got a Henry on order from them; will probably take a while due to the factory getting hammered in Sandy. And they had ammo when no one else did, so there’s that.
  11. I use comcast for internet, and have the bare minimum TV service ($15 / month – you have to ask for it. BTW – they also have a “seniors” rate that is sort of the same thing). That, plus Netflix and Amazon Prime and I get pretty much everything I want. If there is a series on HBO I want I just buy that on Amazon. I use Roku, and have 3 of them – 1 for each TV. Roku is always adding channels, so there is usually something to watch/find/explore. I also read more now
  12. This happened to a friend of mine (the idiot part). They confiscated his guns (a few shotguns that had been his grandfather's and a small handgun). His cousin wanted the shotguns but did not want the pistol, so he gave it to me. I just applied for a permit, and when I got it went to the police station, handed them the permit, and they handed me the handgun. No hassle whatsoever. This was in Somerset County, about 3 years ago.
  13. The Tactical Christmas Stocking Uploaded with ImageShack.us May all your Christmas dreams come true...
  14. Just joined NJ2AS - thanks for the reminder.
  15. Hey Damjan, I also used to live in Three Bridges before moving down the road to Ringoes - small world. I just joined EFGA and am going to try and make my first meeting tonight if the weather holds.
  16. Lurking for a few weeks, decided to sign up. Been shooting for about 30 years, mostly black powder (all flinters, no in-lines). Hoping to learn more about "modern" weapons here. Looking for a handgun for HD, and probably an AR (just ‘cause).
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