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  1. My friend owns a propane company. His generator that he just finished putting in- the following week we got that Isaias storm, and his generator ran for over 60 hours. He said switching it from propane to NG is just the flip of a switch. I'll probably get one soon, as I'm on NG, but having the ability to have him bring a propane tank and switch over in case of NG shutdown(I'm very close to the coast) is a huge plus.
  2. I'll take it. PM me we'll work out the details.
  3. Looking to buy a Mosin. Used to have the carbine M44 but sold it a few years back. Can be unrestored, covered in cosmoline. Local dealers seem to have zero interest in sourcing one. I'm in Cape May County.
  4. I finally got my permits in. Went to Bass Pro in AC to buy a 22 pistol. Currently on 3 days of waiting for the NICS(so much for the "I" part of that acronym...)
  5. Finally reached out to NJSP Woodbine today(a week since I was notified my permits were approved) since I haven't heard from them. It's now an automated phone system- press 1 for this 2 for that etc. Selected 5 for firearms and it just rang and rang and rang. No voice messaging system that I could tell- just kept ringing.
  6. Got notice of my permit approval VIA email, on January 21st at 6:01AM. It says "DO NOT APPEAR AT THE APPROVING POLICE DEPARTMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY ITS PERSONNEL TO RETRIEVE YOUR DOCUMENTS". I have yet to hear from anyone at the Woodbine Barracks, it's now January 26th. Can't wait till I get there and the permit is dated January 21st.... IMO 90 days should begin on the date I receive the permits.
  7. Just submitted mine to NJSP Woodbine tonight for P2P's(Saw Glock is coming out with the 44, a .22LR pistol which I'm in the market for). Friends already received the emails for their references, with-in a minute of me submitting the application. Hopefully it goes pretty quick.
  8. Quite a different tone than his case with Shaneen Allen...They wanted all the publicity they could get with that. Makes me wonder why this case is all hush hush.
  9. There is likely something dead in the woods around your house. That's a turkey buzzard(turkey vulture). Had one in my back yard yesterday. Turns out there was a dead possum there. It was very odd, it had perfectly removed the possums kidneys and left them to the side. I guess it won't eat them since they filter poisons out of the blood.
  10. I spent three weeks in Georgia this month. I carried every day while there. My first morning back in NJ, I put my holster on my belt/pants(IWB) out of habit and then said to myself "oh yeah, I'm back in New Jermany, I'll be a felon if I carry this here".
  11. I make this drive pretty often...I do it straight through. I leave around 7-8pm to avoid traffic. I always go Rt 55 to Rt 40 in Elmer/Woodstown then turn onto 295, go over DMB, merge into 95, and straight shot down from there. Gun(s) in trunk through NJ/DE/MD...then on my hip the rest of the way(except SC since they don't have FL non-res recipiprocity for CCW.). I don't bother with 495...it's kind of pointless to do at 10-11pm. I can usually make it to the FL border(Yulee area) in roughly 11-12 hours. Stop only for gas/bathroom/snacks/drinks/check car. I feel like getting out of NJ takes the longest Tolls through DE/MD are pretty brutal anymore too.
  12. Every gun I just looked at says "Unclear", even though I know they are legal in most states, NJ included.
  13. Bought it off a local guy who is moving and can't put an antenna up there. Or at least an antenna of that size. He's only had it for a couple of years, and considering that he paid over $4100 for the whole setup(plus shipping costs), I made out like a bandit. Can't wait to get it on the air. Now I just need an amp to heat things up a bit
  14. Another Ham checking in. Spent my afternoon working on a SteppIR 4 element antenna with the 40/30 add on, and 6m passive elements that I'm going to put up on my tower soon. Installing a Yaesu G1000 rotor, and a Yaesu GS-065 thrust bearing. I painted all of the fiberglass radials a sky blue to try to camoflauge it a bit as it is massive.
  15. This is how I felt about the place when I went there for the first and only time. It was less than a 5 minute visit. Place was very 1980's inside. Half the guns I asked about that were in racks I was told weren't for sale. Asked about a used 1911 in a display case, and the guy seemed to be bothered by me asking about it. There was also a cop in a cop car sitting in the parking lot watching people come and go. Very odd.
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