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  1. I finally got my permits in. Went to Bass Pro in AC to buy a 22 pistol. Currently on 3 days of waiting for the NICS(so much for the "I" part of that acronym...)
  2. Finally reached out to NJSP Woodbine today(a week since I was notified my permits were approved) since I haven't heard from them. It's now an automated phone system- press 1 for this 2 for that etc. Selected 5 for firearms and it just rang and rang and rang. No voice messaging system that I could tell- just kept ringing.
  3. Got notice of my permit approval VIA email, on January 21st at 6:01AM. It says "DO NOT APPEAR AT THE APPROVING POLICE DEPARTMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY ITS PERSONNEL TO RETRIEVE YOUR DOCUMENTS". I have yet to hear from anyone at the Woodbine Barracks, it's now January 26th. Can't wait till I get there and the permit is dated January 21st.... IMO 90 days should begin on the date I receive the permits.
  4. Just submitted mine to NJSP Woodbine tonight for P2P's(Saw Glock is coming out with the 44, a .22LR pistol which I'm in the market for). Friends already received the emails for their references, with-in a minute of me submitting the application. Hopefully it goes pretty quick.
  5. Quite a different tone than his case with Shaneen Allen...They wanted all the publicity they could get with that. Makes me wonder why this case is all hush hush.
  6. There is likely something dead in the woods around your house. That's a turkey buzzard(turkey vulture). Had one in my back yard yesterday. Turns out there was a dead possum there. It was very odd, it had perfectly removed the possums kidneys and left them to the side. I guess it won't eat them since they filter poisons out of the blood.
  7. I spent three weeks in Georgia this month. I carried every day while there. My first morning back in NJ, I put my holster on my belt/pants(IWB) out of habit and then said to myself "oh yeah, I'm back in New Jermany, I'll be a felon if I carry this here".
  8. I make this drive pretty often...I do it straight through. I leave around 7-8pm to avoid traffic. I always go Rt 55 to Rt 40 in Elmer/Woodstown then turn onto 295, go over DMB, merge into 95, and straight shot down from there. Gun(s) in trunk through NJ/DE/MD...then on my hip the rest of the way(except SC since they don't have FL non-res recipiprocity for CCW.). I don't bother with 495...it's kind of pointless to do at 10-11pm. I can usually make it to the FL border(Yulee area) in roughly 11-12 hours. Stop only for gas/bathroom/snacks/drinks/check car. I feel like getting out of NJ takes the longest Tolls through DE/MD are pretty brutal anymore too.
  9. Every gun I just looked at says "Unclear", even though I know they are legal in most states, NJ included.
  10. Bought it off a local guy who is moving and can't put an antenna up there. Or at least an antenna of that size. He's only had it for a couple of years, and considering that he paid over $4100 for the whole setup(plus shipping costs), I made out like a bandit. Can't wait to get it on the air. Now I just need an amp to heat things up a bit
  11. Another Ham checking in. Spent my afternoon working on a SteppIR 4 element antenna with the 40/30 add on, and 6m passive elements that I'm going to put up on my tower soon. Installing a Yaesu G1000 rotor, and a Yaesu GS-065 thrust bearing. I painted all of the fiberglass radials a sky blue to try to camoflauge it a bit as it is massive.
  12. This is how I felt about the place when I went there for the first and only time. It was less than a 5 minute visit. Place was very 1980's inside. Half the guns I asked about that were in racks I was told weren't for sale. Asked about a used 1911 in a display case, and the guy seemed to be bothered by me asking about it. There was also a cop in a cop car sitting in the parking lot watching people come and go. Very odd.
  13. The Shield 9 is my primary carry gun when back in the United States.
  14. Well... Other 2A group not listed above. (nope, never joined another 2A group that isn't listed above) Never joined a 2A group ever. (I have joined a 2A group...the NRA). Need a 3rd option...
  15. You must cast your vote in each question of the poll. I can't because there isn't a "never" option for GOA and SAF.
  16. This. There are free websites dedicated to this exact sort of thing. Heck, there are even apps available for smart phones. It's as easy as going into iTunes/Google Play and searching "ccw". Easier then typing out candy crush!
  17. Exactly how I feel about it. I'd like to side with her and say "shes a victim of NJ's gun laws", but really she wasn't responsible, and didn't take the time to look up the reciprocity. A simple google search I'm sure would turn up tons of information on people saying "don't even think about bringing a gun to NJ". But I guess some people could be close minded and *think* their CCW license is like a drivers license and would be honored in all 50 states. She took a gun safety course...not sure of PA's requirements for their CCW permit(or if you even need one at all), but I know at one NRA pistol course I took the instructor made it very clear to the people using the course to satisfy the FL CCW permit training requirement that they couldn't carry in NJ, MD, SC, among others. I also know when I was issued my Florida permit, they included a sheet in the envelope that had the states in which FL had reciprocity with. Again, I don't know what PA gave her...but it would be smart for them to include a similar type of thing considering they are bordered by at least 2 anti-carry states(NJ/MD). This case does highlight the need for a national reciprocity act.
  18. I'm an RCA. We're "permanant", but non-career postions. No benefits. It's almost impossible to get into the career position as the regular carriers aren't retiring. They are working until they have 35-45 years in. I don't know if they are doing that because they can't retire financially, or what. With most government jobs it makes sense to retire after 20-25 years, financially speaking. They said a regular carrier has not retired in the past 10 years in my office. We're not allowed to case the red plums in my office. Direct to the street. I wish we could. Having one thing of mail for each house makes it easy to deliver. Some days I have red plums, "Press Extra's"(these are advertisements for the Press of Atlantic City) and the mail all going on in the truck. Its like a 3 ring circus going on trying to get all of them bundled together and into the mailbox. What people don't realize is that the extra 10 seconds it takes me to bundle this up in the truck adds up...10 seconds times 550 houses=5500 seconds..divided by 60=an extra 91 minutes, or an hour and a half.
  19. plode

    Ham radio

    Are you close enough to the repeater to hear it with the HT? I'm in SNJ, so don't know about any VHF nets up that way.
  20. I know...I'm just trying to help you guys see the "inside" of USPS. As far as not getting any mail after a 3 day weekend...USPS does "load leveling" now...in an attempt to make mailflow more even for us, so we don't get slammed one day, and get almost nothing the next. A lot of people have been complaining about it... situations like yours might be a result of that. The postal inspectors can come and audit an office at any time(unannounced) so your carrier could get in big trouble if she isn't delivering all of the mail. Management in my office is very strict about this- they tell us "bring NOTHING but empty trays, and outgoing mail back to the office". I personally have noticed that I have been getting a lot of letters that say "postmaster deliver between xx/xx/xxxx and xx/xx/xxxx" and I'm getting it after the final date. As far as getting the wrong mail...it's a common concern. Depending on what your route is like, the carrier might get a lot of unsorted mail in the morning that they have to sort by hand. Today, I had roughly 500 pieces that I had to sort. Mistakes do happen, we're only human. Typical day: DPS= Delivery Point Sequencing. This is how we get the majority of the letters and postcards...it comes in order of the route...for the most part. We put it up into the mail sorting case anyway, and we do find quite a few letters from other streets, towns, states mixed in...computers sort it..so we have to blame them for that. Flats= There is a acronym for this but I forget what it is. They are a lot of magazines, and larger envelopes. We get a good amount of these...they come unsorted. We have to manually read the address on each one, and put it in the correct slot in the mail sorting case. This is quite a task as we are bouncing all over the case. FSS= flats sequencing system. This is typically how we get the majority of perodicals like Sports Illustrated, Time, Good Housekeeping etc, We have to go along and put them into their correct places in the mail sorting case. Then there is whats called "hand mail" This is all stuff that the DPS machine couldn't sort. A lot of is addresses with A's & B's (1234A Main Street. 1234B Main Street). Apparently with all of that technology the machine can't figure out how to read a few letters. This is what I got roughly 500 letters of today. I have to manually read each one, and put it into the correct place in the mail sorting case. Then we have our accountable mail. This includes certified letters, registered mail, insured mail/parcels(over $200). We have to manually fill out a pink sheet called a 3849 for each of these, writing down the sender, the date, what type of accountable it is, the 20 digit barcode number on it...and then put them into the correct place in the mail sorting case. Then we have to get our parcels...we have slugs/spurs(small parcels in bags/small envelopes- stuff that will fit into the mailbox), and regular packages. We have to sort all of them so they are in the order of the route. Then we have to read each address, and place a parcel marker into the correct spot in the sorting case so we know there is a parcel to deliver when we get there. After that is complete, we have to check what is called a "hot case". This is where the mail handlers put the mail that other carriers find incorrectly in their DPS. We then have to get that mail, and sort it into the case. Some days we also get the Red Plum advertisements, or a local newspaper that we have to deliver to every house. Some come addressed(Red Plum's are) so we have to sort the bundles into the proper sequence for the route. I also have to try to look at the name on the case for each address and weed out any that aren't the right name for the address. Also have to remember separate any temporary holds and put them into a separate bin that stays at the post office until the date in which the customer requests it to be delivered, or they come to pick it up. After that is all sorted out, I then have to pull the mail down out of the case, in order. I pull it down into handfull sized amounts, and rubber band it into a bundle. I then mark the first letter in each tray of mail, so I know which one to load/grab from first when I get out to the street to deliver. If that hasn't overwhelmed you yet, keep in mind the typical mail route in my office handles roughly 550 addresses each. So you can imagine the amount of mail I have to sort in the morning. Then I load the truck, and head out to the route. Long winded post...but that's the jist of what we have to do in the morning at the post office prior to coming to your house.
  21. Just because you got little to no mail doesn't mean it was a light day for the entire route. Today was pretty average mail volume IMO. Some days it could work to our advantage, I don't deny that...but more often than not it doesn't. Today I worked from 7:30AM till 3:15pm, on a route evaluated at 7.45 hours. The post office uses hundreths to measure time, so this is just a tad less then 7 and a half hours. So I was roughly about 15 minutes over the evaluated time today- 15 minutes I didn't get paid for. Not complaining, just saying...all of that time adds up over the course of a year. I like the job, I just wish we got paid by the hour like the city carriers do. I essentially didn't get paid for over 40+ hours around Christmas time. But it's another way the post office "cuts" its costs. I'm not a slow carrier either. I often finish the routes in less time then the regular carriers do. Plus, I try to get done as quickly as possible...I don't think anyone would like sitting in a mail truck for 6 hours with no air conditioning when it's 92 degrees out
  22. It's not a matter of working hard...I don't mind hard work...it's how we're paid. If I don't get the route completed in the "evaluated time" I don't get paid for a minute more than that time. It sucks big time when its christmas time, and you work for 14 hours and only get paid for 7.5. City carriers- the guys you see walking in uniforms get paid by the hour...if it takes them 14 hours, they get paid for 14. Not so much for us rural carriers. If all we deliver is junk mail and bills...and packages are the only thing "saving my sorry ass"...then why are there days where there is so much mail that I cannot fit it all into the mail sorting case- the same case that has been used for 20+ years? Junk mail or not, someone is paying the postage. I don't disagree that their plan of raising prices to increase volume is idiotic. This is a problem with employees....the only way for it to get marked as delivered is someone scanning it, and selecting delivered...and hitting OK... Bingo... Again, this is a problem with employees scanning stuff, and selecting "Delivered" on the scanner before they leave the office. It's them being lazy. The only scans we are supposed to do before we leave the office is an "advo scan", which we do for the Red Plum advertisements, any packages that come in for people who have their mail being temporarily held, and one that marks the packages for our route as "out for delivery" in which we have to also enter the mileage on the postal truck into the scanner. That's what is called a depart to route scan. If people did their jobs as they are supposed to...people wouldn't have half the complaints they do with USPS.
  23. plode

    Ham radio

    You'll need separate antennas for VHF and HF. You can get a combo VHF/UHF antenna. I use a mag mount VHF/UHF antenna on my car. I should have just drilled the car for a NMO mount antenna when I first decided to outfit it with a radio...but since the mag mount has already scratched the car all up, I'm just going to leave it. I'm going to use one of the little tarheel antennas for HF on my truck. It's a fairly "big"(not tall, it's thick), so it would be too unsightly for me to put it on my car.
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