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  1. When and IF it went down leaving may not be an option Marshal law would prohibit interstate travel just saying
  2. If the zombies do come I hope they are the old school slow ones
  3. Im waiting on the fast fire 3 to come in for my Mini http://www.gggaz.com/mini-14-rail-with-fastfire-iii-red-dot-scope.html
  4. Paint57

    Shore Shot

    Had a less then great experience when gun shopping at this place. I had cash in my pocket for a LWRC
  5. Paint57

    new guy

    Just found the site took a look around looks great with some sound advice so figure I would join up. I live in Bayville and work on 539 in Manchester. I like to join up with a shooting club if somone can point me i that direction. I’m not a hunter but am a fishermen. I am just getting back into shooting and like to re hone my skills. Shooting skeet and paper targets. I would be interested also in clubs or organizations involving our rights as gun owners. Thanks in advance Fred
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