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  1. I'm trying to sell a case to a buddy and give him a fair price. I don't want to over charge him or cut myself short. Just looking for a fair price
  2. How much are 480 rounds cases of Swiss GP 11 going for now a days? I've looked around but no one has it in stock.
  3. I didn't read the entire post, but brookdale community college has classes
  4. I hear they have bad finish issues
  5. Nice price point from a great company. Any have one?
  6. We ended up getting a Ruger red label in 20 gauge
  7. I'm gonna check out gun broker. I've heard nothing but bad reviews on the mossberg.
  8. I'm looking to help my dad find a good entry level trap /skeet gun. He has a bad back so we are leaning towards a 20 gauge. He thinks he wants a 26" barrel. So far we are thinking about a CZ. What would you recommend?
  9. The Yugo is heavier than all the others. They are well built but the weight kills it for me. Russians are the best, but you will pay more. Chinese are very solid rifles. Similar quality to the Russian but cheaper. Other variants are out there but these are the main 3 you will see. My advice would be start with a nice Chinese model and see how you like it. Don't bubba up a Russian please.
  10. I got it from this small spot in farmingdale
  11. Be careful, I got a live tree once and got infested with spiders. I woke up and they had made nests all over my living room. It was insane.
  12. Congratulations, it's not as easy as many people think it is
  13. Can you post a little better pics of the deer
  14. It can be done with a simple role pin. It's very easy
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