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  1. I'm super interested, but a PA resident. I guess we'd have to do FFL - FFL. Open to that?
  2. Since I left 2 years ago, I have to admit it has been pretty miserable. Every day since I have been gone, I have missed NJ and wanted to come back. It has been a personal hell being out of NJ. bahahahahaaaa. Just kidding.
  3. I have had a G40 for a couple months and just got to shoot it the other day. Absolutely love it. Will be putting the RMR that is on my M&P CORE on it, and will be ditching the CORE. The G40 will be my hog hunting gun.
  4. Alex is doing a good job with NJ2AS IMHO. Since moving to Free America, it amazes me how programmed I was and some are about NJ laws. We count is "Fast" if the police allow us to purchase a firearm with a turn around of several days or weeks. The NJ purchase laws made some sense BEFORE NICS. It was a way of vetting people. With the implementation of NICS, the NJ laws are a barrier and serve no purpose. I am sure at some point, NJ had laws about horse drawn carriages, but those are no longer needed, as technology has passed that means of conveyance. NICS has surpassed the NJ FPID card and pistol permits.
  5. I bought some PMC Bronze 10MM for $18 a box using this. With my cabela bucks, got it down to $16.55 a box.
  6. That is sad. With so few people, you would think we should have been able to put together monster rosters.
  7. Another vote for the Axis in 223. It is fun to shoot, relatively cheap and accurate enough. Stock does suck, but it is just north of a plinking rifle for me, so I don't really care.
  8. and don't smile when you ride. Not only is it impossible to look tough while smiling, you get bugs in your teeth.
  9. Very nicely done. Some minor fact check issues, but very readable and attractive.
  10. Pa is open carry without a permit. Problem is, they have same transportation rules as NJ (basically), unless you have your LTCF. So while walking around with a firearm open would be OK, the transportation of the firearm would be the problem, since you are not going to or coming from an exemption.
  11. Anywhere in the northern part of the county. I live in Riegelsville/Durham. Lots of open land and houses out here. Taxes are very good. Once you get south of central Bucks, you are basically in Philly. I would say anything north of New Hope is the area to look. Once you get off the river and north of new hope, prices literally range from $150K to multiple millions, but plenty of very nice houses on good acreage for $3-500K
  12. I live in Bucks County as well. Great area. Plus we could use some more pro 2A people to cancel out the influx of Blue voters. When I bought my house last year, I called the town up and asked if there were any no discharge laws in town. Their answer? "What's that?" PERFECT! I shoot off my deck all the time. I do have a fair amount of land, and very few neighbors, however.
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