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  1. FNX45, cheaper and 15 rds of 45!! Can't go wrong there....
  2. FNX-45 Tactical.....
  3. hebrew if im home. If I'm going out, its Hot Diggity Dog on South Street in Philly (that was before I moved to Texas, I miss those hot dogs!). Go there and thank me later....
  4. Congrats! The P30 is on my short list of guns to get soon
  5. There is one in south jersey, in westmont on haddon ave
  6. Congrats on the awesome gun. I have one in 40 s&w, super accurate with iron sights, waiting to get a red dot
  7. Glad to hear everyone is ok. Such a shame that happened to such a good shop.
  8. Check out http://www.phlster.com he's in philly, I know you wanted jersey but he's not too far

    fn fns 9mm

    Congrats on your purchase, looking forward to your review
  10. I am taking a trip to Texas next week and was wondering what the rules are on bringing JUST ammo on a plane. I figure if I find some ammo down there, would it be ok for me to purchase it and bring it home with me? Im not checking bags, doing carry-on only. Want to know if it will be a hassle or not, Im not having any luck finding ammo around here!!
  11. I only have 2 guns, both take 40 S&W. I only have 300 rounds left and avoid going to the range because I dont want to use it up. I've been stopping at every place I can find and they are always out of 40 so I havent been able to replenish any. Online always gets sold out before I can get to it. So I think I will be looking to take up archery soon.
  12. NO SIR, NOT ME!!! I was the guy shooting jugs full of water, then the wind would blow them away after the water drained out of bullet holes!
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