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  1. Some of those bastards are clearly shopping. And seriously...they bought back pipe?
  2. I have it....but have yet to actually do it, lol. I got a....um...complimentary copy.
  3. One note: Heat expands, cold contracts...not sure if that was just a typo or not.
  4. Sweet! I totally forgot to call my brother-in-law who works at PAX NAS to talk to him about this! I'll have to call him tonight.
  5. Whatchu talkin' about Willis? (If you don't quote it, it never happened)
  6. I've noticed my Gen 4 G27 does tend to 'spray' the brass everywhere....although I do believe some of it has to do with the load. I fired a few mags of my carry Federal HST ammo and it seemed much more consistent (and nearly vertical, as the brass was bouncing off the roof of my dad's porch)....whereas the WWB I usually use for practice goes anywhere and everywhere.
  7. http://cjrpc.org/index.cfm?wpid=21 The amounts aren't updated yet, but: Capitol Contribution ( a one time fee where you buy ownership in the club) A) Capital Contribution Fees are $400.00 (Non Taxable) B) Capital Contribution Fee for spouse is $133 (1/3 of $400) C) Capital Contribution Fee for children of members in good standing, living in same household, is $200.00 (Non Taxable) until age twenty-one (21). D) Partial payment ($200 non taxable) Capital Contribution Fee can be paid by a new member upon joining The remainder of the Capital Contribution Fee may be paid in no more than (4) equal quarterly installments of $55.00 (Non Taxable & $5.00 SERVICE CHARGE). 4. A minimum Capital Contribution Fee and prorated dues is to be paid upon joining.
  8. I finally tried this last night.... ...you've really got to rap on it HARD to get the slide to come forward, at least on mine...and you have to hit it at such an angle it's completely impractical.
  9. I haven't shot at any other ranges in NJ....but I feel no need to after joining last fall. I still drive from DE to go there.
  10. FYI - My G27 Gen 4 has the same issue as the OP. You have to force it the last 1/16"-1/8" to get the mag to catch with a full one. Hijack for those that may know..... I recently purchased a 15 round mag, and I have reversed my mag catch. IIRC, the Gen 4 mags have metal in the catch locations on both sides...but the 15 rounder doesn't. Do I have a problem? It seems to catch and function just fine, but haven't used it that much.
  11. Ok, thanks for the reply. It's a non-issue with the slide locked, as there is no tension on the mag spring...it's only when the slide is forward where you have to overcome the load from the mag spring. And yes, if you're not careful, you will pinch the crap outta your right palm, lol.
  12. Not mine.....YET. I've been trying to buy/trade my dad outta this for quite some time now... but I did get to shoot it this weekend. .357 mag Ruger Blackhawk.
  13. Interesting...never heard of this auto-forward until just now. My G27 is tight with a full mag (with the slide forward). You can squeeze it in until it catches, but I've always given it a light tap with my palm. Why don't you recommend this High Exposure?
  14. Have you tried disassembling and cleaning then lubing it? A minor polish to the contact surfaces couldn't hurt either.
  15. ^^^^ I've had no issue with my $45 Champion bipod though. It pivots AND swivels.
  16. I have to believe that's what happened then...when I bought mine, the dealer showed me how to disassemble it and he racked the slide, THEN pulled the trigger....which is a very difficult way to do it. My brother showed me that you can pull the trigger FIRST, then just barely pull the slide back and it's much easier. Looking back I'm assuming the dealer showed me the sequence he did for a reason....
  17. Only thing I can think of. I've never disassembled any other semiauto handgun. Are they all like the Glock where you pull the trigger to release the slide?
  18. ​Interesting....I didn't know they existed. I know someone who has a SS .357 Blackhawk and a SS .41 Redhawk....
  19. Ditto, mine were either 4 or 5 weeks in Jan. as well.
  20. Ahh, that's right. I told you I don't know the first thing about Garands other than I shot one once, lol.
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