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  1. Say I want to practice marksmanship in the 200 to 1000 yard range? Is there anywhere in NJ that I can do that? It looks like Cherry Ridge has something in 300 yards. Is there anywhere else to go? Anything longer distance than that?
  2. I have the same problem. The warmer the barrel gets, the stickier the bolt gets. Thanks for the thread.
  3. They could use for loss of consortium (look it up), and wrongful death. It doesn't have to be about loss of income for a civil suit. Has anyone ever heard of a real case where a home invader's family sued for civil liability? This seems more urban legend than anything else. Plaintiff's lawyers typically work on contingency in these types of cases, and any reasonable attorney wouldn't bother to spend the time and money on a case like that. Seems like a clear loser. Then again. I see some real crap cases all the time, so I guess nothing would surprise me. Lawyers are expensive, but, in a case like that, I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't get someone to give you a discounted rate or pro bono. Just don't expect to get Johnny Cochran on your team. Instead you'll just get a smart, young associate eager to try his first case (like me).
  4. I think that is a really interesting point, and it might come out differently depending on the person. I'm 6'3", 285 and worked as a bouncer for long enough to know what to do. I think the general consensus is that trying to fist fight me in my home wouldn't be much fun. My wife though. I don't really think she should try to fist fight people. I just don't. Resist? Yes. But just enough to get away. I worry about teaching people enough martial arts to think that they could protect themselves when it really just instills false confidence. Of course, in this case, each situation can vary. And the more you guys point it out, the more I can see that maybe she should have been more proactive in her self-defense. She didn't even really seem to put her guard up. That might have helped. This idea though that a person (like my wife) who has never been in a fight before, wouldn't know what to do, and has very little chance of doing any damage at all to an attacker should try to kick his ass, doesn't sound right to me. Then again, sitting and doing nothing, that doesn't sound right either. My thinking is still evolving on this point. It's so situation specific.
  5. Some good ideas floating around. We have a commercial grade combo lock on our front door, so its always locked (and you get never lock yourself out). We don't give the combo to anyone who didn't change our diapers as babes. Back door is another story. Screen door to screenroom, with sliding glass door to house. If you're not afraid of broken glass, that could be opened very easily. I fear that those who would advocate carrying during the day at home are discounting what its like to have a 3 year old and 1 year old in the house. If you get to use the toilet uninterrupted and don't have food stuck to your clothes, that's a damn good day. I would be very hesitant to keep bear spray around a 3 year old. Even more so a loaded handgun. At least on my person, while dealing with small children. It's a very hands on job. By which I mean, they get their hand-on everything. I keep my guns unloaded, locked and high up. It would take way too long to get one to use it spur of the moment. I'm not ruling out a gun as a way to be prepared, but I have serious concerns that the more accessible it is to us the more accessible it is to my kids. Right now I've struck a good balance that I can get it in about 1 minute and my kids cant get it at all. We used to have a pitbull in the house, which would be great for this sort of situation. But she really had a hard time adjusting to our kids, starting snapping at them, and was politely asked to pack her things and live elsewhere. I don't think we are ready to get another dog for a while.
  6. No sterotype intended. My best friend since grade school is gay, and I wouldn't cross him. My point was to be inclusive in the post. Assume your significant other (not you) is home with your kids, what should they do? Assume beating the shit of the giant dude who kicked in your door is not an option.
  7. It's a thought. Wouldn't the damage already been done by the time the police came though? Even if it takes 15 minutes for cops to come, that seems like too long.
  8. Nice. I guess I meant was whether I should push for a lower price. Sounds like he is a giving me a fair deal. Hell, he's letting me try it out first too, and I even got some 22lr from Cabela's the other day.
  9. I think there is already a thread generally about the recent Millburn home invasion. This one is meant to be focused on a specific question. Now, I realize that asking this question on a gun forum might remind some of us of the old saying that "if your only tool is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail" but I'm asking everyone to think out of the box on this one. Assume these facts: You have a wife, a 3 year old and a 1 year old at home. (if you are a heterosexual woman or a gay man, you can assume that your partner, while male, is very small in stature, ok?) You have a two story home, with your 1 year old sleeping upstairs. Your sig other and your 3 year old are watching tv, when a person decides to come into the home. What, realistically, could the victim have done differently. Here's my two cents, but I'm really interested in hearing yours: She did everything right. If she fought back, chances are things would have turned out worse. By keeping quiet, she may have saved her kid's life. The only thing that I think she could have maybe, maybe done differently was grab her kid and run upstairs as soon as the guy busted into the house. Instead, she backed away from him. That said, if you've ever been broken into while you are home (which I have), you know how hard it is to think about what to do. So, really, what, if anything do you think she could have done differently? Try to keep it realistic. Hopefully the mall ninjas will sit this one out. I ask this because, I do have a wife, a 3 year old and a 1 year. And I live less than 10 miles from Millburn. My wife and I are having this conversation, and really are at a loss as to what we ought to do to prepare for a situation like this. However remote it might be. Thanks, as always, for everybody's shared wisdom.
  10. Yours had a scope for $175? If I don't buy it myself, I'm more than happy to introduce interested parties.
  11. I've been thinking of getting a 10/22 takedown for plinking. I like that it folds up and can travel easily. Even if there are few places in NJ where it would be allowed. Saw one at RTSP, they wanted $400. Cabela's might have one, $350, plus another X dollars in gas. So, either way, figure about $400. Got to talking guns with an uncle over the weekend. He's got a 10/22 carbine he's looking to get rid of. It's got a big case, a scope, and who knows how many magazines for it. Looked like between 5 and 10. Gun is in great shape, he just kind of lost interest in it. He wants $200. $200 seems like a good price for that package. What do you think? Think I can do better? A stock 10/22 carbine isnt much more than $240 anyway, but the accessories it comes with are nice. I appreciate your advice.
  12. Got it at RTSP in Randolph. Great guys there, very helpful. I'll post pics when I can.
  13. After six months and plenty of agonizing over what to get, I finally took home my first handgun. It's a used S&W Model 39-2, which I gather is S&W first model of semi-auto. Got it at a great price and finally fired it at the range today before taking it home. To my delight, it was fantastic. I was shocked at how accurate it was. Down side is an 8 round magazine, but frankly, if I need more than 8 shots I am likely in over my head. Anyway, just felt like sharing. I haven't seen anyone on this site that has much experience with the 39-2, but it seems pretty great and for less than half the price of some of the other models I had my eyes on. Next purchase will either be Ruger Takedown or a Deer Shotgun for the winter.
  14. Submitted 5/20 Response 5/30 10 days
  15. I asked them about that too and they said that they used to allow it when NICS waits were up to a few days, but now that its two weeks, if too complicated for them to keep track of where your gun is exactly for each of those 14-18 days. In other words, they store the guns in the order that they sold them and they dont want to risk losing one or having to take extra time searching for it if its been moved and used during the wait period. Considering how many guns they are selling on a daily basis, they must be up to their eyeballs in sold merchandise that is waiting for NICS.
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