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  1. I want to find out where it was supposedly taken. Ironically my sister is on her way to the zoo with the kids today. Who knows maybe a gorilla sighting is on the way.
  2. So I get a text message with this very picture from my dad yesterday night telling me my sisters friend took this picture in Berlin. I figure let me search on line to see if this was on the news and look where it leads me.
  3. I always question if my guns are cleaned and lubed enough or even excessively. I guess it depends on your guns. I see my guns as tools more than an investment. Function over form one might say. I have boresnakes. Do you think they really work all that well?
  4. Mama always told me to be a gracious host, so I will gladly share my ammo with him.
  5. USANA has indoor and outdoor ranges. Point blank to 50yds. Plinking, rifle. the place is great. right now it is $130 for the year. located in Elmer/PittsGrove.
  6. Ok it sounded like a lot more ammo than that.
  7. I didn't think about adding the membership with the coupon. Next time.
  8. Total came to $200.97 http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/700-rounds-wolf-762x39mm-123-grain-jhp-ammo-in-tin.aspx?a=992256&cjaffsite=GunBot+LLC&utm_medium=CJ&CJ=1&cjaffilid=7037006&utm_campaign=Redirect-Enabled+Deep+Link&utm_source=GunBot+LLC&cjadvid=1522857&cjadv=CJTSGUSA Use coupon code TRKSAVE313 to save $24 of purchase of $200 or more.
  9. I hope to have off next weekend if so I will be going Sat. I will let you know for sure.
  10. Do you guys set up cones and steels and run drills back on range 17? I saw some guys back there having some real fun a couple weeks back.
  11. Ha, thats the reason why Im building an AR next but you can beat how reliable and cheap the AKs are/were to buy and shoot.
  12. I thought this was a new thread but figured I would mention that was the Saiga that caused me to buy my first. It was all thanks to the Ultimak/ aimpoint combo, lines like a sports car.
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