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  1. I love that this thread is still helping people out. Getting my early morning Vape on before hitting the powerlines.... The hardest part about this whole thing is finding something you like and the trial and error getting there... I have my mechanicals up in my hotel room.... .23 and .37 ohm wraps on them... Running an igo-w and omega on my nemesis clone... But my dependable go to is my provari with a carto tank.... I keep one tank filled and ready and another carto primed.... If anything happens while I'm working it takes me seconds to be vaping again with a quick switch.. Good luck and Vape on brothers!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. In my research I've come across quite a few people that use snus and ecigs together... Something about the full alkaloid of the tobacco plant that is hard to get away from. Glad you were able to quit!I'm still curious to this day what snus is like.... May have to try some. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Well if 12mg is your usual, you may want to try a little lower than 6mg.Hope it works out for you, I tend to use my dripper after dinner with a really good French vanilla hazelnut latte juice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. You will have to lower your nic level big time with a dripper.I Vape. 24mg out of my carto.... 6mg out of my dripper. When you can, get a good mellow flavor at a low nic and try it out again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yea, having over 100 Vape stores in my county is a life saver..... And the prices are good also.I'm stuck on carto tanks myself.... I've tried almost everything out there .... But when it comes to price and performance the carto tanks are hard to beat. I also keep my dripper handy at home and out on the town..... The best flavor and vapor production you could ever imagine.... But it's pretty involved wrapping and testing coils.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. You can't beat that! Lol Charging the phone could be a life saver . I only grabbed this up because I got a smoking deal from my buddy at my local Vape store. He used it for a few months and sold it to me with the extension cap ($45) provari ($250) 18650 aw battery ($13) and a legacy tank ($25) all for. $120... Too good to pass up.. I love this thing, super reliable... Very well built piece of Americana.... My vamo still runs strong to this day.... The buttons stick a bit... But a year on a $50 apv is nice. Highly recommended! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thankfully most establishments are unaware of the law. I would Vape it everywhere in NJ and never had a problem. If anyone says something to you, just play dumb and put it away. Off topic, I have a few new setups... And I got into rebuilding my drippers and tanks..... Cranking out .2ohms..... Clouds of vapor Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. If someone wants to do the leg work up north to get a store front, il handle all the wholesale to the store. My go to store down here wholesales to stores nationwide. If I stayed in NJ I would of already had a store ready to open there...... Seeing stores stacked on top of each other down here and still booming...... There needs to be someone up north to take the leap..... I was talking to the store owners here and a 50k loan gets yu fully stocked and operational..... You wil see a return very shortly after you become established..... Food for thought
  9. Quit Vaping!!!???? Why would you do such a thing? Lol it's not like your smoking....Down where I moved to in Florida (Lee County) there are over 75 vape stores within a 30min drive. I have still yet to find a replacement for my Ice Ice....
  10. There's also a funky quad barreled pistol from 1864....... I'll get some pictures soon.... I wouldn't shoot the thing even if I had to, but its cool. As I was clearing all of the firearms and making sure that were all safe and empty ( my grandmother isn't a gun person, and felt better with them un-loaded) I came across a few firearms I couldnt understand.... Instead of something bad happening, I figured I would bring them to the range and clear them out... One is a baretta model 100 I think.. No magazine, doesn't even look like the slide moves.... Didn't really want to mess with it too much until I get a little more info on it.
  11. Don't ever plan on moving back to NJ..... I got the taste of freedom once again Thanks for your kind words
  12. Thank youAnd thanks to everyone else. 71 seemed too young..... And he had plenty of fight still left in him. I've been spending the past few days helping my grandmom out with things around the house. I'm planning to bring my grandmother, sister and mother to a basic pistol class and get them setup with a few revolvers he had.
  13. Unfortunately I just lost my grandfather this past Wednesday. He had a short and vicious battle with glioblastoma. He retired from NJSP in 94 as a Sargent First Class, and had multiple successful businesses afterwards. I recently moved down to Florida to spend his last few weeks with him and help the family out after his passing. My grandmom and I have went through and wrote down all of the info on his firearms just so we knew what was in the house. Crap..... The man had a collection I can appreciate. I came up with the idea of putting his 38spl colt long barreled revolver along with the leather holster and belt in a shadow box with his trooper hat, A nice little tribute to his career. He has quite a few colt revolvers, baretta compacts, smith and Wesson revolvers, and some others. I just went through the long gun cabinet and fell in love with one of the guns in it.... My grandmother is going to hold onto it for me until the family can get together and take care of final arrangements. I'm guessing its a M1 carbine, .30cal with a few 30rd magazines. This thing is beautiful and is has US stamps on it. It may have been his fathers from WWII but I'm not sure. Here are a few photos Then there is this marlin that is pretty cool The guy loved his gold triggers You can tell a lot about a man by his gun collection. I can only hope to be half the man he was, and it speaks wonders about him as a person for the fact that he made sure his family was taken care of.... Helping my grandmom clean some things in the closet, we found two full boxes of wrapped silver coins 64 and prior.... Each weighing close to 60lbs!! Hopefully silver takes a climb again so my grandmother can feel a little more at ease.... Losing health insurance and getting a survivors pension has put the reins on her retirement a tad.
  14. I'm in Cape Coral, love it here.If you need me to do any scouting for you let me know.
  15. Heck..... When I said 200k I was talking big..The houses I'm looking at are 3bdrm 2.5bath 2 car garage with a pool and screened in lanai for $125,000... Taxes run about $1100 a yr and insurance is about $900 a yr... I'm making $7.50 less an hr here and bring home $30 less after taxes.... Not too shabby
  16. Good luck in your move!!Best decision I've made in a long time. Besides being so busy with work...... I've been able to enjoy life as an American. I have yet to unpin my stock and give my Ar solme manly hood back........ But I did trade my pinned mags to a buddy for 30's. still waiting for the money to go get my ccw...... House hunting right now and want to save every penny I have.... It's incredible what $200,000 will get you down here.....
  17. I would like to thank the Mainstream Media and all the race baiters for bring racism back into full force. This has only just begun, unfortunately there will be blood in the water. It's a shame that it got to where it did....
  18. It's nice living in paradise... Getting Drivers license now, and picking up my EDC gun in a few weeks when I have the funds. Insane amount of guns stores everywhere. The WMA range 10min from me has a bunch if different setups. 50-100yrd rifle 5-25yrd pistol 100-300rifle, skeet, trap, and a few others.... $3 for the day or $6 for the carload. Volunteer RO on site to keep it safe. Awesome spot
  19. Loving it down here. How's your move going Mikey? Currently sitting in the DMV..... Good luck and post up when your here.
  20. I'm also moving down there at the end of the month. I'll be on the west coast though, Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Naples area. My buddy in IT was telling me the jobs around Orlando are in need of IT techs. I can't be land locked, and am forced to pay the extra costs of living on the water. I know of quite a few people that make out alright maintaining the computers of wealthy older folks. House calls, remote repair, and networking. Good luck and maybe we can setup a NJGF hog hunt somewhere.
  21. I'm guessing if SHTF people wouldn't be worried about the gun laws. What if someone took their 12 pump and cut the barrel down and cut the stock into a pistol grip? That seem like a decent close quarters firearm. Sawed off shorty and an Ar or mid to long range rifle... My only shotgun has a rifled barrel so I would have to find one laying around with a smooth bore.
  22. Ar in 5.56/.223 as well as my .22lr conversion. Ruger Sr9 simply because its my only handgun. It would be tough leaving my nylon 22, so if my sr9 is on my hip when SHTF my nylon is coming with me. That gun will run through 1,000's of rounds without a cleaning or breaking.
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