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  1. Dammit.. I want to go
  2. dammit... this just reminded me that im probably going to need mine replaced too. how about we get a group discount. lol
  3. I was in the league last season.. I haven't been on the forum lately but please invite me when it starts
  4. Hello, this might sound like a pathetic craigslist ad but i'd like to get my hunting license but I'm a city boy that doesn't have the slightest clue to hunt. I was just wondering if I could tag along with someone during their deer or bear hunt or any hunts. Thanks.
  5. I stand corrected. I could have swore I've seen bowling pins and steel plates on the outdoor part of the range. It could be from efga
  6. phillipsburg pistol club has both indoor and outdoor range, its about 5 minutes closer than Easton. Im about 85% sure you can shoot cans and steel plates outside. the club is handgun and rimfire only but since your only looking to shoot .22.
  7. I'm an idiot that decided not to pre-order because I'm getting "older" and maybe shouldn't play too much games but, I like a crack head I'm dashing to the store on the 15th to try to get one.
  8. casinos, cooking.. nevermind i think the real hobby is eating and cooking is just a scapegoat. i really want to get into golf, hoping it'll help my career.
  9. Lets just all go to sands casino and take some of non NJGF members money.
  10. That's what they all say...
  11. Before you defend yourself in the furthest closet of your home you must: 1. Have a notarized statement from the intruder that he has full intention of doing harm to you and your family 2. Must call 911 with a rotary phone, and be in mid-conversation with a 911 dispatcher 3. Lawyer must be present 4. Scenario must be caught on camera... In HD 5. also know that you most likely will be judged by a group of your peers, by peers, they most likely mean some unemployed or uneducated idiot who watches piers Morgan religiously. In all seriousness.. I hope this never happens, therefore live in a bunker, like they do on tv
  12. It might look good if it was ever questioned but cutting the spring just screams reliability issues to me. Again, I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure anytime you cut or alter the spring it affects reliably.