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  1. Just do it. WHEN you do, and WHEN you find a place that you can reach out 500+ yards, it's going to be all you want to do. But a good thing about you holding off on it now for money reasons, is that maybe you can get a 22lr bolt action now, and really get your basics covered. The best way to improve (for me anyway) is getting back to basics with something light and easy, i.e. 22lr. muscle memory, breathing, keeping eyes open, etc... That being said, you need a long range rifle, yes. it's a law of nature. Hell, my next long gun will (hopefully) be in .338 lapua :icon_twisted:
  2. I meant the Phoenix tactical bolt knob. Did you install that one yourself, or send out the bolt to a shop?
  3. If you wanna sell it, I'll buy to try out. What iLife about it, is that it's reversible if I don't like it. Did you go to a gunsmith to get your new one installed? Or did it yourself?
  4. Here is the KRG: http://www.kineticresearchgroup.com/products/boltlift.php
  5. Has anyone tried the bolt lift knob for the remington 700? Was going to go with the badger ordinance tactical bolt knob (http://badgerordnance.com/tactical-bolt-knob/) but just for the ease of install, the KRG knob has a major advantage. Just looking for by first hand pro's and con's from you guys. Thanks in advance - Jeremy
  6. I can only speak in behalf of the R700's (.308). For what I do/shoot (long range), it's unreal. Depending on which one you're looking at, with simple upgrades can potentially be shooting .25 MOA. And I'm just talking bedding (factory or aftermarket stock depending), trigger adjusting for your liking, and the rest is up to you. There's a reason its platform is used today by most us bolt action snipers. If you want accuracy in a weapon, what more proof do you need? The shots they take are usually more important than ours. Easy to upgrade, plentiful parts, both factory and aftermarket, and can become one of the most accurate rifles on the planet. +1 for the remmy
  7. You don't need an adl to bdl conversion. It will just drop in. The adl and bdl is the same action minus the hinged floorplate. All you need is the AICS and your 700 and you'll be capable of (with practice, match ammo, good techniques, etc etc) sub .5moa groups.
  8. So you have a bdl and want to use external mag's? It's a bit exstensive to do yourself without a lathe, but it is doable. Check out: http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=721250 there's some good info there. That was another reason I went with the AICS system. Great external mag system, and easy as pie to setup.
  9. I have an accuracy international AICS 1.5 stock that I LOVE on my R700. It's pt#3756 if you want to take a look. ONLY downside is it's heavy. The rifle now weighs 15lbs. Doesn't seem like much, but at the end of the day... It is. Backpack style sling is a must if you're going to take it on a long haul. Another thing you may want to look into over time is a larger bolt knob. Like a badger ordinance for example. Makes it a bit easier to move quicker and without taking your eye off of the target. Let me know if you have any questions. I Love your rifle, I know you do too. 700's are the best.
  10. Fixed. Thanks a lot. I just heard about it and I figured maybe there are others how haven't yet.
  11. Well at least you figured out what I meant. Is there a way to edit the title? I can't figure it out..
  12. ATTN: Please take a min of your time and check out/sign this petition stopping the legislation to ban what the government calls "assault weapons." Click here https://petitions.wh...pacity/bjlkvNSf to sign up (only takes a min), and sign this petition. This is what it says: we petition the obama administration to: Stop any legislation that will ban "assualt weapons", semi-automatic rifles or handguns and high capacity magazines. We must petition Obama to uphold our second amendment rights, all of them. Including our right to bear arms that will reasonably defend us from ALL ENEMIES foriegn or domestic. We must also educate the public as the media and goverment have demonized the words "assualt weapon". In fact there has not been any type of "assualt weapon" used in any of the recent shootings. An assualt weapon is a weapon with selective fire. If we move forward on the assualt weapon ban we move towards the total disarming of Americans. Where will the line be drawn? These so called assualt weapons have few differences from our hunting rifles with the only difference being the stock and furniture. It was proven once before that a ban on "assualt weapons" is useless. Columbine happen in the middle of the Clinton ban. Thank you.
  13. Just picked up my lower today. Arms and ammo has some in stock. At least they did yesterday when I called.
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