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  1. It's not pretty. People are rebuilding and I know one of the ladies who is organizing volunteers for a lot of cleanup for bit by bit areas. Shit is still washing on the beaches, people are highly concerned about the repairs and cleanup not getting fixed by the Tourist season, and people still have messed up homes.
  2. Every impact will affect something. It might lose them a contract or they might get permanently ignored.
  3. By kitchen gunsmithing, you can covert a Bolt-Action Rifle into a Beltfed machinegun. It might take a little more knowhow than attaching a sling with a shoetring, but if people can read off the internet how to print the schematics for ARs and build bombs out of fertilizer and cleaner, lol.
  4. They're closer to the enemy than Liberal moderates are to the Democrats taking our guns away.
  5. I wish I could look at shareholder and profit reports on civilian market opposed to government/military contracts. This is mainly because these companies can survive off cutting out some middlemen, employees (overseas even) and just rely on these contracts.
  6. I didn't vote the last election because I already knew Obama was going to win, and none of the moderates were going to win obviously. Before that, didn't care to, I don't see a reason for voting in a rigged and weak system of reprisentation.
  7. The abilility to read is seperate than the ability to interpret and process the information. They can easily read this entire forum and understand the words we speak. They cannot, or more likely will not understand or respect the context laid out by what we speak.
  8. I've tried Opera, Safari, recently (Comodo) Chrome, and several different versions of FF. Call me a parasite, but after finding out Google is removing app access outside of their store, I have all but stopped using it in favor of FF. Waterfox seems to work well on my laptop.
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