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  1. Looking for leads on a roofer or company that operates in Monmouth county. This will be for a layover on an existing shingled roof about 23 squares. Thanks all
  2. remote operations - sports television production
  3. Thank you for contacting our office regarding A3689, which codifies regulations defining justifiable need to carry a handgun. Your thoughts and views are greatly appreciated. As of August 24, 2016, this bill has been passed by both the Assembly and the Senate, but has been conditionally vetoed by the Governor. I've forwarded your message to our policy advisor, who will make sure that Assembly members Houghtaling and Downey take your comments into consideration and make an informed decision when casting their votes, should any override attempt occur in the Assembly. Please feel free to contact our office again with any other questions or concerns. Our door is always open. Andrew Landman Legislative Aide, Constituent Services 11th Legislative District Office 35 West Main Street Freehold, New Jersey 07728 Phone: (732) 333-0166
  4. Looking for advice on Gunbelts for ccw, both iwb and owb.
  5. Attended the Utah/Florida CCW Class at Shooters yesterday. Great experience, Cameron and company were great! Five Stars! highly recommend
  6. "Only the police should have guns"
  7. 1. app type (EXISITING FID) 1 P2P 2. PD TINTON FALLS 3. Name of contact - RECORDS EMPLOYEE OF T.F. 4. Time Taken to issue - 13 business days 5. documents required - Mental Health, Standard Application, NJSP on line Back ground check 6. Notes - easy process, after the Conn incident it took 30 business days although the on line back ground check wasn't in place at that time
  8. The Boys in the Boat and their epic quest for gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Daniel James Brown, great read
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