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  1. what was your permit #? when did you receive notification from the prosecutors office? I'm #335 n received notice from the Monmouth prosecutor no objections 10/12, still waiting.........
  2. What local PD's in Monmouth County do fingerprints for Florida renewal?
  3. I submitted 8/22, prosecutor letter 10/12 so I'm hopefully am 3 weeks behind you
  4. what was your timeline submitting? I too am waiting for Monmouth court judge ok
  5. Received a letter yesterday from the Monmouth County Prosectors office saying I'm in compliance with all the requirements set forth. dated 10/12. Submitted my app 8/22 references 9/16 sent to court 9/27 Money order cashed 10/10 Hopefully next is the call for pickup soon
  6. Just finished the Qualification at Shooters. Super easy, Paul W the instructor was very professional. In & out in 45 mins
  7. g30s. pf45-10mm g22 pf940 642 g19
  8. it was a Monmouth county poll 750 people were contacted. BS poll to keep pushing his narrative which he controls tightly every news conference. check it out today 1pm NJTV Youtube. The SP Col is pretty pathetic as he reads the police blotter
  9. Looking for leads on a roofer or company that operates in Monmouth county. This will be for a layover on an existing shingled roof about 23 squares. Thanks all
  10. remote operations - sports television production
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