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  1. Well.... safes been moved. Easy job for 3 people but getting it down the stairs was the hardest part but we made easy work of it. Ass was puckered up as it started to go down the stairs but overall it was done in 30m
  2. The motorized stair dolly is good is the safe was wide enough to fit through door. So I’m probably going to get 3 guys to help and slide it down with strap on it I have straps the movers left so I’ll put them to use
  3. Yes but haven’t had luck finding one... any suggestions
  4. Stairs are wood but they are solid. I thought of that as well... I might attempt it with 3 more guys. If I tip it down I can slide It down
  5. I’m sure this one weighs 1/2 as much it’s a cannon 64 gun safe. It’s 567 lbs. getting it in house isn’t bad. Down the stairs a little tricky
  6. Got a safe today but need to get it into my basement. Anybody in somerset county use movers if so who and around how much.
  7. If this garbage actually passes then they should implement a system to cut the dealers out of the process and let us run the check
  8. You won't see any construction yet it's still going for approvals. It's going next to harbor freight we're petsmart was
  9. So did i but I have nothing to do with it.... it's with planning board. We shall see once it gets to further.
  10. I highly doubt it but you never know... that Cryan and Lesniaks turf and getting something passed will be tough
  11. That merger might not happen since gander just filed for bankruptcy. It might cause a monopoly and they are looking at it with more scrutiny now
  12. All these new ranges and not 1 in Union county but a county range that's open 4hrs only on Sunday...
  13. Looks like the frame has had some work done to it or it a mixmaster.
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