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  1. Bought a kimber 1911 from DL75 and the transaction was awesome. Easy to deal with and very knowledable. Would def buy from again.
  2. Just a little insight on what happened today to my father while at Dicks Sporting goods. After weeks of waiting from Dicks in brick NJ to receive a cheap O/U 12 gauge and being unsuccessful, finally a manager finds one for me at the Dicks in East Brunswick NJ and places it on hold for my dad. My dad took the drive to East Brunswick NJ and upon arriving asks for help from the lodge. He then says he had an O/U waiting for him to pick up. Great the gun was there!! He then began the process of showing all his credentials and filling out the paperwork. Lodge employee receives all paperwork and I’m assuming reviews it. THIS IS THE BEWARE PART After 15 minutes the manager comes and tells my dad the paperwork was filled out wrong and she could not sell my dad the firearm. He returns with, "I’m sorry please let me fix it or redo the paperwork". She in turn responds with " Im sorry at Dicks once you fill out the paperwork wrong we are not able to give you another set." My dad was like ok please rip up my old paperwork and forget it then. She responds with " I’m Sorry here at Dicks we can’t throw it away and you will not be able to buy and more firearms at any of our dick locations. My dad was dumfounded he was like I don’t understand "I messed up paperwork, so I cant buy any more guns from any other Dicks." My dad responses with "Do you know how many times I've witnessed you guys mess up and fix it. He was so frustrated he walked out. I don’t know if what the manager did was right or not, but for a law abiding citizen to have to feel like he committed a crime is outrageous. After calling the Dicks store and trying to talk to the district manager I was told that I am unable to contact the DM and that every store can make there own call if they want to sell the firearm or not. I'm guessing Dicks discriminates or the manger hasn't got any in a while.
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