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  1. I’ll take the oct barrel rifle if things fall through. Still have your info from previous transactions. If not no worries
  2. Gone please delete
  3. Haven’t turned wrenches in years so I don’t see myself using it. Older version, new they are $200. $80 or best offer
  4. Will trade for beer or ammo. I have no use for it anymore and hopefully someone does. I have plenty of ammo so please don’t offer one box at current prices. Located in Monmouth county if someone wants. If you want to purchase make an offer, or just buy some beer or give some ammo as a donation.
  5. If you ever travel towards CJRPC or the shore, I would be down to meet up for a case.
  6. Read it three times thought I was crazy. Price please
  7. Never understood why the punishment is not more severe for people who abuse innocent animals for no reason. In this case, I hope the scumbag gets every ounce of justice and suffers as much as possible.
  8. F him and his crooked sleezy smile. After he got elected I realized how far NJ has sunk and my time here will be short.
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