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  1. I haven't been to the range in a while mostly due to my busy work schedule and family, but the news of this reminded me that I should be renewing my gold membership again to show my support to this incredible place of business. I'm sure Anthony doesn't remember me but we've met several times when I was there and took class there. I really hope this doesn't hurt the business or bring any negativity to this place. What a selfish thing to do. I see it already brought some trolls out of the woodwork just on this forum alone This facility is top notch in terms of safety, with the friendliest most professional people in the gun world that I've ever encountered. They didn't deserve this to happen at their facility.
  2. F that place. There's better ranges/shops around here where you'll get a decent price and treated with respect. AND with a goof up like that they'd make it right in a heartbeat. Personally I'd have demanded a refund or atleast a coupon for another range hour, I wouldn't have left without something and I'd make a scene. I give you money and you give me nothing for it? lol, not happening
  3. It's funny because gun buy backs themselves are illegal as per Nj law. No ID, no COE, no pistol permits, no FFL. Totally illegal. But you show up to legally purchase and get hassled. Only in NJ.
  4. Very easy solution and you already answered your own question lol. You need an optical audio cable, here's one for 6 bucks http://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Digital-Optical-Audio-Toslink/dp/B001TH7GSW/ref=sr_1_1?s=audio-video-accessories&ie=UTF8&qid=1413037734&sr=1-1 Run that from your tv audio out, to the receiver. Done. I had the same exact problem and this solved it
  5. So the state made an app for us to inadvertently but systematically register our buys online. Nice Before I get yelled at...I'm only joking.
  6. Very much hit or miss at this place. I've had downright excellent experiences and downright unacceptable ones. I've walked in and literally stood around for 15 minutes because no one would acknowledge I was there even though I visibly had a pistol permit in my hand..and that's pretty awkward in a 5'x5' store. Other times I've been treated really good with full attention. I'll shoot there in a pinch, but for the most part they lost me to woodland park. That's a shame too because I really do love supporting local business at any cost. The RO was my rifle club coach when I was in high school. He may come off as a grumpy guy but he's a really nice man if you talk to him.
  7. Nice!!! I would love to have one, did he have several in stock? Any chance of getting a video of it in action? How's it shoot? Edit..one more question.. I see you're at an indoor range, I'm assuming in Nj somewhere. Did anyone say anything about it or question you at all?
  8. I get bigger groupings with Remington UMC ammo. But it cycles just fine in all my guns. I've had feeding and ejecting issues with Fiochi ammo. May be a bad batch I got but the Fiochi in .40 just would not function properly in my sub2k. Every other round was an issue. Switched ammo, shot flawless. Bad batch? Maybe.
  9. No matter how nice and respectful or how courteous I am, I am met with a tough hard-ass attitude from my town PD. Permits take roughly 2 months which isn't bad. Before they give you the permits he takes your picture. Said it was requested by the chief for anyone acquiring a handgun to have their picture taken for officer safety if they're ever called to your residence. I didn't argue, and let him take my picture. There was no other paperwork so I felt the picture was harmless
  10. Love this range and hope to be back soon. My gold membership expired but I hope to renew it before the end of summer. Just can't swing it right now
  11. I brought a permit to my PD on Wednesday the 13th. It expires on this coming Monday the 18th. The detective was very hesitant, saying to me it's too late. I was like uhhh, it's not expired. Then he wanted a very specific reason why I wanted an extension. Then he says Ok, I'll give it to the chief and we'll get back to you. Now I haven't heard anything yet, and the chief hasn't gotten back to me. It expires on Monday and today is Saturday. Could they potentially come back and tell me it's now expired too bad??? Even though I brought it before the expiration. I'm a little worried about this..I had good plans for that permit, just didn't have the money right now
  12. I've been around, lurking a lot lol. I gotta hit up another shotgun shoot out again and say hello. You have a place for cerakoting? I wonder what a fde glock 19 would look like with a dark blue cerakoted slide..hmm..
  13. Post some pics! Pretty sure I want a G19 for my next purchase, can't decide on fde, odg or just black
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