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  1. looks like a cool hunt... my boy would love it! pm sent.
  2. nice purchase! i love that gun. it's gonna be on my christmas list for this yr.
  3. Try the CZ as someone mentioned. You won't be disappointed.
  4. welcome! i grew up there. whereabouts in rigwood do you live?
  5. perfectly fine for the gun you're putting it on... for now
  6. balkan

    Got my new baby

    nice toy! have fun with it!
  7. nice choice, good luck with it!
  8. it's all about money/profit... they could have at least faked a move to get some legislative attention...
  9. oh boy... they'll be shooting slingshots soon...
  10. Ahhh... the crackheads of TSA... A few years back, on my way to Aruba, I had a TSA guy pat me down over a tight wifebeater shirt... I asked him if he was enjoying it... needless to say that didn't go over well... :ph34r:
  11. caught a lamprey or three with my carp... nasty bastards...
  12. they're everywhere when you can't shoot em... typical...
  13. if you don't like it sell it, unless you're worried about zombies or SHTF... then you'll need it plenty of other stuff out there to shoot...
  14. just call it what it is... kevin. all them cat looking dogs are neutered/spayed anyway so don't really matter...
  15. i would add... as they get older teach them firearms safety and let them shoot. if you make it taboo it will only peak their curiosity...
  16. love her... i'd pay good money to see her **** slap Rahm Emanuel...
  17. balkan

    My CZ-75BD

    nice choice. i'm a fan of CZs myself... give it a couple thousand rounds, you'll like it even more!
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