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  1. Went there and printed the sheets for Utah, Florida, and Virginia, along with a copy of the Travel Section of FOPA to keep in my laptop case in the car with me.
  2. I drive like a senior citizen as it is. THAT I'm not worried about. My G/F on the other hand, Ill have to remind her to lay off the go pedal.
  3. Thanks guys. Any other suggestions?
  4. Morning everyone. I am traveling to the great state of Virginia this weekend, and having received my Florida and Utah CCW permits, intend on carrying. Just a couple questions. I know both permits are valid in VA, I am just going to take Florida Non-Res and leave Utah in my safe. I am going to carry my SP2022 in an Alien Gear Holster. I have a couple questions that I wanted to verify my findings. Of course, traveling, I will be passing through NJ, DC, Maryland, Delaware, and into VA. According to FOPA, I have no problem traveling between the states correct? I do not intend on stopping other than fuel, and my firearm will be secured in the trunk of the car unloaded, and separate from the magazines until arrival in VA. I am going to print a copy of FOPA to have on my person/in the vehicle just in case. Am I ok with the traveling aspect? When getting to VA, the plan is to stop at the National USMC Museum. Has anyone been, and carried on premises? Or is there any issue with leaving my firearm in my vehicle while parked? Is that an appropriate time to get set up? After that we are headed to Williamsburg. Friday I intend on carrying all day, and half of Saturday. We are going to a wine tasting and out to dinner, so I was going to secure my sig in my vehicle, as Alcohol and firearms don't mix. Anyone had any problems carrying in Williamsburg? I havent found any issues online but wanted to know if anyone has encountered anything. I am going to print the regulations for each state I am going through, and putting them in an envelope in my care just in case, and have an app to tell me anything on the fly. Am I missing anything obvious? Any suggestions? Thanks everyone!
  5. Check with your airline for specific rules. Another way you could get it home if you find a stash is to ship it to your house UPS.
  6. But is the change of address sticker applicable? i am assuming yes.
  7. I think I included it on a bunch of letters I sent Christie and my reps last year.
  8. First article of the NJ constitution. Too bad no one follows it... ARTICLE I RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES 1. All persons are by nature free and independent, and have certain natural and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and of pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.
  9. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I don't know the current specific way they are contacting references. But, a long time ago (About 9 years ago) when I got my inital FPID, you had the references on the STS-66 (2) and then Cranford made you get 3 form letters filled out by 3 references, and you had to get them notarized. So they would give you the forms, go through the process of filling everything out (no fill in PDF's back then ) and getting the 3 reference sheets filled out and notarized. Wasn't a big deal to me at the time, as I just showed up at a fire department meeting where I was a member, handed the three sheets to 3 people, and one of the other members was a notary. Bing bang boom, 10 minutes and I was done. But, I know after the Perez decision (I think its Perez) that ANJRPC sent out a certified notice to all police departments in NJ, of what the State statutes are on FPID applications, and the forms contained and what was allowed. But good on CPD for adjusting their requirements to be in compliance. It shows an ability to adapt to what is required even after years (at least 10) of not complying. Its great that they are open to change.
  10. It looks like Cranford PD has dropped their required separate forms for references, and are just taking the reference on the Inital form. So a win, and good on them for changing their method of applications. A step in the right direction. Just have the question of how long are they taking for a turn around time? Just need a change of address and 2 pistol permits. Anyone have any firsthand knowledge from the last month or two?
  11. Can't wait. Super psyched. See you Sunday! Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  12. Can anyone suggest a utah/Florida combined ccw class in nj in March? Traveling to Florida in June, and want to pick up both so I am covered for most of the ride and while I am there. Can't find the next gappnj class date, don't know who else does both. Oh, and I have my hunters ed class cards if that is accepted as firearm handling course. Any suggestions? Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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